Assemble iOS Update and Going Forwards

Hey All! I’m making an update for iOS assemble – 0.7.6 – which will fix a number of bugs and support 14 threat teams in the Analysis tab. The process hasn’t changed but I wanted to update the old instructions such that rather than linking to the file I will link to the drive folder so going forwards I don’t have to update the old post with the new direct download link. So without further ado here’s the (slightly) modified instructions:

The basics:

Have an Apple ID you are okay with putting into a third party app. If on Mac, make sure you have the Mail app. If on Windows, make sure iTunes is installed. Download AltServer/AltStore from Install AltServer and get it running. This has tripped up people before and for Windows 10 users it’s in beta so that may be problematic.

Once it is running, connect your iPhone to the computer via USB. Make sure the phone trusts the computer!

Have AltServer install AltStore on your phone.

Once it is installed, download the Payload.IPA file to your phones Files.

The IPA file current lives at this shared drive.

Grab the most recent .ipa file (should have the highest 0.x.y number designation)

Open AltStore, go to My Apps. Click the +. Navigate to the Payload.IPA file. Select it.

AltStore will sign and install the app. It will also record its install information (this is important in 7 days).

Once the app is installed it should work.

In seven days the app will lock due to Apple requirements.

To unlock, make sure your phone is set to WiFi sync with iTunes and on the WiFi network the PC using AltServer is on (also make sure that PC is on).

Open AltStore on the phone, select My Apps, and hit Refresh All. Give it a minute. Both AltStore and Assemble should have their expiration date set to seven days.

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