So, I will admit that I lost track of posting on here for a couple month now, mostly as I’ve been focused on a new IRL job and this got pushed aside, but the podcast has not abated just because I haven’t been posting here. Over the past 2 months I’ve had a wide range of players on the show, from Brett, a member of my local community, who talked about Ant-Man

As well as Crabulous, a player that I met through the Betta Splendons league who finally gave me a chance to shout about Bullseye and how much I love that guy who is completely mediocre

Then we had some known quantities in the community, such as The German a vocal member of the online community and one of the many people involved in the big Spider-Foes project, who came on to talk about Red Skull

As well as Johan, another vocal member of various different MCP centered Discords, who came on to talk about Nebula, a 2 pointer which is a class of character that we don’t often cover on the show.

Finally, we have the content creators, starting out with the wonderful Blackfyre productions who sat down with me to talk about our furry blue friend Beast.

Then we had Merzain from the Advanced R&D podcast, who came out to do another look at Loki.

Then we had Aegisbrand Studios who came in to talk about possible out of affiliation options for Starlord, as well as talking about the gem changes and how that affects Starlord.

And then finally, we had this week’s episode, where I sat down with Arun from WebWarriorProtocol to talk about the only truely unaffiliated character, Punisher.

If you want to find more episode of Morlocks, or get more information, check out

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