Battle Report 22 – Avengers vs Dark Dimension

Life has been extremely busy lately – Meaning I haven’t had chance to come over here onto the Bifrost and upload some posts! However I intend to remedy this – And make sure to have all of our Battle reports on here!

In this battle of the titans, the Hulkbuster is sent in to deal with the one and only Dormammu! The two clash as the Avengers fight to save their leader, Sam Wilson – Who has been possessed by the dark powers of Dormammu…

This means now that we have had every leadership on the channel – Including secondary leaders and the less commonly seen leaderships such as Sin Cabal and Mystique Brotherhood.

Once we hit 25 battle reports I’ll be doing a post where you can find all the battle reports for each affiliation, which will hopefully serve as a source of guidance for when you’re looking for inspiration for a new affiliation!

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