A firm fan favourite, the Man Without Beer Fear is, er, here… Sorry, bad rhymery. Let’s just get straight into his card before I come out with any further nonsense.

STAMINA – 5, nice and solid.

MOVEMENT – Another solitary tear runs down the cheek of each MCP player worldwide as we get yet another long-mover added to the character pool. Bliss.

SIZE – 2, no surprise there.

THREAT – 4. I must confess that I was expecting DD to be a 3 threat character. Goes to show what I know!

DEFENCES – In a non-shocking display of supreme averageness, DD’s defences are 3’s right across the board.

ATTACKS – DD’s first attack is physical, is called Strike, and has a range of 2, strength of 5 and power cost of 0. After the attacks resolves DD gains power equal to the damage dealt, and roll a wild and you will get to give the target character the Stun special condition (whenever they would gain any amount of power they gain only 1 power instead). This is a very basic attack, but is a nice bit of counter-play to characters who have inbuilt ways to gain extra power like Red Skull and the Asgardians.

Attack number 2 is also physical and is called Baton Hook. This attack has a range of 4, strength of 4 and power cost of 0. This attack ignores line of sight, and the target character does not benefit from cover. Roll a wild and you will get to Push the target character towards DD short, if the target character is size 2 or less. I do like it when a character has both a close and longer range attack on their card (*glares at Drax with disapproval*). Although this attack only has a strength of 4, I think is balanced out a little by the fact that you can ignore LOS and cover for this attack, and the push is a nice little something extra should you get lucky and roll a wild.

DD’s final attack is, you guessed it, physical, and is called Devil’s Deliverance. It has a range of A2, strength of 2 and power cost of 5. This attack adds 2 dice to each of its attack rolls for each non-dazed enemy character within range 2 of this character when the attack was chosen. After this attack is resolved the target character is pushed away from DD short. This is a really interesting attack. It has the potential to be pretty huge against a team with lots of characters, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy, but may not be the best against higher threat cost teams with fewer fielded characters, such as the Black Order. And of course, the crises being played will have to be factored into whether to include DD – grouped up crises like Gamma Waves and Deadly Meteors will be preferable over Wakandan Herbs. Still, in the right conditions this attack could do a lot of damage and control – drop DD into a cluster of enemy characters around an objective, gain 6 extra dice to make this an 8 dice attack, and then push all characters away short off the objective. Still, 5 power for an 8 dice attack is a steep cost, and is dependent on there being 3 non-dazed enemy characters around a single objective. Hmmm…

SUPERPOWERS – DD’s first superpower is reactive, costs 2 power to use and is called Man Without Fear. This superpower states that after an attack targeting him is resolved, if the attacker is within range 2, DD may make a Strike attack targeting it. This is pretty cool, and reminds me a bit of Hawkeye’s power. I wonder if one day we will be able to build a viable counter-strike team, where every time a character gets hit they can hit back. Anyway, back to DD – 2 power for a decent basic attack with potential for giving out Stun? Yes please!

Next up is an innate superpower called Radar Sense which states that when DD is defending against physical or energy attacks he adds blanks in his defence roll to his successes. Is that Vibranium I smell?! This works great on Cap and Black Panther, and seeing it here is very nice indeed.

Last up is another innate power stating that DD has the Wall Crawler ability, so terrain is not much of an issue for him. Handy.

INJURED SIDE – Firstly, DD’s stamina goes up from 5 to 6. Secondly, he loses the Man Without Fear superpower and gains the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen innate superpower. This costs 2 power to use and states that DD may immediately perform an attack that costs 0 power against an enemy character within range 2. After the attack is resolved, if there were any critical failures (skulls) in the attack roll, DD suffers 1 damage. This superpower can be used only once per turn. If you’ve got the power DD is effectively a 3 attack per turn character. Even if he has to move, he can still fire off 2 attacks, which is pretty bonkers. There is the risk of causing him damage, but there are plenty of team tactics cards that can heal that off readily enough.

SUMMARY – I like the look of Daredevil, and see him as a character which you just want to launch at a group of enemies and watch tear them up. I’m not sure yet where he ranks in comparison to the many other 4 threat characters which we have access to, I need to think on that a bit more and get to grips playing with him.

AFFILIATIONS – Running DD in an Avengers affiliation would give a nice discount to his 2 costed superpowers, meaning he will get to fire off more attacks; and likewise, in a Cabal affiliation he will generate quite a bit of power which he can use to fire off even more attacks. Very nice.

DD is listed as a Defender, and the Defenders affiliation ability is really useful for him as all of his attacks are physical. Being able to pay power to switch out attack type will be great for him, plus you get to throw out the Hex special condition too (no exploding critical hits in dice rolls) which helps his team mates out a lot.

TEAM TACTICS CARDSAdvanced R&D could be good to run with Daredevil, as it could be used to move power onto him for some early game additional attacking, maybe quickly dazing an enemy character.

Doomed Prophecy has the potential to be pretty glorious on DD. Fire this card off before doing a Devil’s Deliverance attack for a bonus 3 dice against each character. That’s 5 dice as a base, +2 for each non-dazed enemy character being targeted. Heck yes. This does required 8 power though (5 for the attack and 3 for the team tactics card). Still, get a big enough cluster of enemies and this good be magnificent.

Lastly, No Matter the Cost would allow DD to take damage to reduce the cost of an attack by the amount of damage suffered, allowing early access to a Devil’s Deliverance attack which could be good. Then you could heal up again if need be with cards like Medpack, Patch Up and Field Dressing.

So what do you make of Daredevil?  Will he make it into your list?  Comment below!