Irish Contest of Champion 2024

Kilmurry Lodge Hotel

Limerick, Ireland 5 round Championship event followed by 3 round team event €35 weekend pass, €20 day ticket Ruairi Finnegan (Discord: Itsjustruairi) Kilmurry Lodge Hotel, Limerick, Ireland



Abbeyville, France

Kraven’s Last Hunt

When – July 6-7, 2024Where – Warsaw, Battle game club "Dragon"Seat limit: 48 players (in case of great interest, the player limit will be increased to 56 people.)AWARDS:• Winner – TBA• TOP 4 – 3D prints• TOP 8 – dedicated dice tray with the tournament logo• TOP 16 – Marvel Comics• Painting competitions – Marvel […]


Sheffield GT

Sheffield, England

Freak Wars

Madrid, Spain

Mini Legends

Le Pavillion D'auron

GT for all 5 lines of AMG including MCP at:Le Pavillion D'auron7 Boulevard Lamarck18000 BourgesFrance


London GT

London, England