CITY OF HEROES: An MCP Narrative Campaign

For a while now I have been working on pulling together a narrative campaign that will allow players to join together a series of crises to form a story. At last I have finally written it all up and it is now available for people to download for free at the link below, or from the resources page of this blog.

The campaign takes place over a series of 9 rounds and includes both currently released Ultimate Encounters, with a tweak to the rules to make them playable with 2 people. Hopefully whilst we are in isolation due to the ongoing pandemic this will help to entertain a little.

All details for the campaign are in the PDF download. Theme and narrative are huge draws to a game for me and I really enjoyed making this narrative, basic though it is, and I hope you enoy playing it. If the story or rules don’t suit you please feel free to change it however you see fit to make it more enjoyable/challenging for you to play.

I would love to hear from any of you that play through it, so please feel free to comment below or email me using the contact details here to let me know how you got on. Thanks to House Party Protocol podcast for doing a proof read for me!

5 thoughts on “CITY OF HEROES: An MCP Narrative Campaign

  1. Can you suggest balanced and thematic teams for us to play through the campaign with?
    What I currently own is:
    – Core Set
    – Thor, Valkyrie, Loki, Hela
    – Starlord, Raccoon, Groot
    My opponent would be using my stuff too.
    I’m happy to buy any other sets that you think would give a nicely rounded roster for this (looking for fun, cinematic battles moreso than cutting edge competitive).

    1. The most thematic would he a “goodies” vs “baddies” type game I suppose, so maybe Cabal vs Avengers. Or you could wait a little until we get more of the Black Order and do them vs Guardians, Asgardians or Avengers maybe. Although Guardians vs Asgardians could be fun too.

      1. Thanks – I think you’re right, Goodies vs Baddies is the way to go.

        I also forgot to mention that I have Hulk and Modok, so we are good to use both Raids in the campaign.

        What we might do in that case is that the Goodies use the Hulk in that Raid, and the Baddies use Ultron in the final Raid. And the player doing the Raid can use their own squad, plus an allied squad of characters that are in neither player’s core squad – so it keeps people using their own team all the way through.

        We might also tweak the overall win condition so that the winner of the final Raid is the overall winner. It just seems more thematic that way – otherwise you could have a situation where the outcome of the final, climactic battle doesn’t match who won the overall campaign, because they were so far behind on points going into it.

        Maybe we could do something like: if it’s 4-4 heading into the final Raid you play on Normal mode. If the Baddies have won the most missions you play on Hard mode, and if the Goodies are winning you play on Easy mode. So the campaign matches still matter, but the winner of the final round is the overall winner.

        What do you think – is playing on a different “mode” too big a swing?

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