QTR Battle Report – Defenders v X-Men

Quotemyname here! I come to you today with a rare treat! I played a pick up game against someone I actually know in the real world outside the space between my seat and my keyboard. Smurf is a player who’s part of my local meta. We are both trying to gear up to a roster we’re comfortable with for the Season 4 TTS League. Sadly, for my opponent, I am settling into Defenders which happens to be his Brother’s favorite affiliation so I’m sure he’s sick of them by now!

If you want to talk games with me, find me on discord!
Me: quotemyname#9258
Smurf: Orangesmurf321#8948

This game was played on Dec 29, 2020.
Threat Level 15
Secure: Mutant Madman Turns City Center Into Lethal Amusement Park
Extract: Mystic Wakandan Herbs: Fact or Fiction?

Defenders Squad:
Dr. Strange (Soul Gem)
Pentagrams of Farfalle
Advanced R&D
Field Dressing

X-Men Squad:
Storm (*Leader)
Black Widow
First Class
Field Dressing
X-Ceptional Healing
No Matter The Cost

As always I would like to thank my opponent for the game and the rest of the community for giving us a place to play and appreciate this great hobby! Thanks goes to AMG for creating a great game! Please remember to support your local game stores! Failing that, check out Discount Games Incorporated for your plastic super hero needs. Discount Games Inc is my personal favorite online retailer for miniatures wargaming.

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