The Clinic – M.O.D.O.K. has got to G.O.D.O.K. Move Puzzle

Hey everyone! Last week we started the year strong with the following move puzzle:

And there was a lot of healthy discussion on facebook and on various discords about the dilemma! Valkyrie rushing for the enemy objective is a bit attractive at first until you realize that gamma damage + Sword of Xyphos + a throw from Angela has a 68% chance of dropping her – not good. That said, the prospects of going up big are likely – Loki has overextended, Thor can only get to the home objective which means at max 2 characters can fight you for the middle. With properly holding Shuri, She-Hulk or any displacement tools you have at your disposal it is VERY easy to get to a 5-4 score situation. The tricky bit here, of course, is that it still threatens a mid round 3 score-out (4 points round 2 by stealing your citizen, 8 points round 3 by evac-ing them all). If you’re able to limit your exposure to an Enchantress steal, then the 5-4 advantage is very promising to you, maintaining that for 3 rounds and cashing out is a win, and you can threaten to make it harder by fighting for your opponents shelter to grow the points differential even higher.

That still leaves going after Loki, though. Between your other pieces you can easily maintain the 5-4 split mentioned above, but you can also send She-Hulk to hunt down Loki on Angela’s way to the center. A single Sensational Uppercut alongside Shuri’s rerolls and Gamma damage has a 43% chance of one-shotting the god of lies as Angela drops her into the melee. Hold this until last so they don’t have a window to Rainbow Bridge until she goes to town and the best they can do is threaten to trickster away and you follow and punch them again. If they do that they can’t even afford an Odin’s Blessing so they’re in for a world of hurt!

Admittedly that play weakens your center a lot so while a 6-3 start is VERY appealing, Thor and Angela from the Asgard side are ready to come in like a wrecking ball alongside Loki’s no crit aura come round 2.

But enough on beating up Tom Hiddleston, let’s talk about this week’s puzzle!

The scenario is Gamma Wave Sweeps Across Midwest alongside Fear Grips World as “Worthy” Terrorize cities – Gamma Hammers. The opening moves have been pretty standard with M.O.D.O.K. being cubed forward, Mystique and Storm splitting the flank between the two of them. Zemo tried to fight for the center but with a long move and a slap to the face he’s back towards the home secure. It’s Cabal player to go with only M.O.D.O.K. left versus Shuri and Okoye from the opposing side. Cabal’s tactics are as follows:

Field Dressing
All You’ve Got
Cosmic Invigoration

while Wakanda has:

Wakanda Forever
Field Dressing
Vibranium Shielding
Advanced R&D

What is your move with M.O.D.O.K.? Do you pass? What does the Wakandan player do here to mitigate the damage on their turns? Miles is outside of 3, BP is currently outside of 4.

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