QTR Defenders v Frenzy Criminal Syndicate

Quotemyname here! Season 4 is upon us! Competition looks fierce this time around! Let’s jump right in.

My opponent this week was Frenzy. I’m happy to have been one of the first members of the community to be able to play. They’ve told me that they were hesitant to join the league, but our game made it worthwhile! I’m especially happy about this in light of how much of a gentleman he was. Strap in, True Believers, this game is a close one!

This game was played on January 14th, 2021.
Threat Level 17
Secure: Riots Spark Over Extremis 3.0
Extract: Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan

Defenders Squad:
Dr. Strange (Soul Gem)
Advanced R&D
All You’ve Got
Field Dressing
Hired Muscle
Pentagrams of Farallah

Criminal Syndicate Squad:
Climbing Gear
Extreme Conditioning
Field Dressing
Hired Muscle
Patch Up

Some parting thoughts:
*** The last activation of this game has a mistake. I miscalculated the amount of power I had during Dr. Strange’s Activation. Following the game I brought this to my opponent’s attention and they made the decision to let the results stand.

I’m really glad to see even newer members of the community playing and performing well. It just goes to show you that this game is popular enough to attract players of all skills and backgrounds. Bad news for the other competitors though, if you’re looking to win. If this was round 1, I can’t wait to see how EASY my next game is! /sarcasm

As always I would like to thank my opponent for the game and the rest of the community for giving us a place to play and appreciate this great hobby! Thanks goes to AMG for creating a great game! Please remember to support your local game stores! Failing that, check out Discount Games Incorporated for your plastic super hero needs. Discount Games Inc is my personal favorite online retailer for miniatures wargaming.

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