Season 4 Episode 4 – Quotemyname v Mitch

Quotemyname here! This is the first game with the new Roster changes I made in the second half of the Season 4 league. I’ve got a 2-1 record going in to this round so the pressure’s on to keep winning or get knocked out of the running for the top cut in the Central Division!

My opponent this week was Mitch. We’ve played once before back in the Mutant Fall league. I think I won out during that game but it was more of a fun experimental league and I don’t think the list that either of us were using at the time was as finely tuned as these are now! I know I certainly spent a few days trying to figure out what the heck to do against Thanos and all these gems!

This game was played on February 2nd, 2021.
Threat Level: 18
Secure: Deadly Meteors Mutate Civilians
Extract: Fear Grips World As “Worthy” Terrorize Cities

Defenders Squad:
Dr. Strange (Soul Gem)

Advanced R&D
Brace for Impact
No Matter the Cost
Field Dressing
Pentagrams of Farallah

Brotherhood Squad:
Magneto (*Leader)
• Reality Gem
• Time Gem

All You’ve Got
Asteroid M
Field Dressing

Some parting thoughts:
I think I could make a whole extra article about the changes I made to my roster, but that’s not really what this blog/vlog/whatever you call it is about. Here’s a brief look at the what. Message me on social media if you want to hear more about the why.

• -Toad
• +Hela
• -Mystic Wakandan Herbs: Fact or Fiction?
• +Panic Grips City As Evacuation Efforts Continue!

I would describe myself as a person who likes math. Except when it screws me over. I’m still waiting on the calculations to run, but if my napkin math works out correctly failing to flip 3 origin bombs in a row on three dice is something like a zero-point-two percent (0.2%) chance of happening!

The lesson here is that games of MCP will highly fluctuate based on your dice. Sometimes those dice can take every stratagem you’ve got and just throw them out the window. If you’re going to play this game, then you’ve got to be accepting of that!

On the flip side (this being one of the best reasons to play MCP) you’re never truly down and out when you play this game because anything can happen!

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