Top 10 Characters I want to see in MCP

This is just a fun thing that I was inspired to do my Chewie’s series that he put out on the same topic, and I’m going to do formatting much the same. Non-Mutants in this article, mutants in another article. Also, I will be having a third article for alternate versions of already existing characters that I want to see in this game, but that will be last. No real other rules beyond they aren’t a mutant and they aren’t already in MCP, Let’s go

  1. Knull:

So we are starting out with a newer character, and one where I am as much excited for the character itself as an affiliation he would bring. Knull is the king of the symbiotes, a 6+ threat character to slam on the board, and wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t bring with him a symbiote affiliation that would give a new home to Venom and Carnage, but could also herald in the likes of symbiote Spiderman and the extended cast of symbiote characters.

9. Elsa Bloodstone

As we are getting the Midnight Sons soon, I hope to see probably their most notable female member. This notable vampire hunter has a bunch of tricks up her sleeve in between her regenerative power, her dual shotguns and her super strength would give may to an interesting mid field skirmisher.

8. Kestrel

Okay, this is a character that only a couple people will recognize because she’s from one of the mobile games, Marvel Strike Force, but when we get a SHIELD affiliation eventually, this is a character that I would like to see involved, as with her wing suit and dimension hopping powers, she would be a notable point of variety to a group that is mostly normal people.

7. Typhoid Mary

I want to see more Transforming characters, whether that is by the transform keyword, or through a complete character adjustment when you flip to daze, and this is a character that would work for either of those two styles, while fitting into the already existing Criminal Syndicate

6. Yelena Belova

This is mostly a grab off of how solid she was in the movie. Also I just want to watch the world burn and there to be a 3rd Black Widow in this game before we get a second Iron Man.

5. Silver Sable

The Spider-foes is a real Boy’s club right now, so I want to see this Spider-Tweener to get into the game, especially since it would probably mean the affiliation would get an in affiliation rapid fire character.

4. Yellowjacket

I’m a little saddened that we have gotten so little from the Ant-Man mythos in this game, and Yellow Jacket is the next logical step to come out, since he that would give a transforming villain into the game.

3. Jessica Jones

She’s the last of the Netflix Defenders to be left on the sidelines, and she is the best of the characters from the group, so I am very impatient for her to come out. Also, seeing how they may or may not try and adapt her high functioning alcoholism will be interesting.

2. Arsenic and Old Lace

Part 1 of my Runaways propaganda, who would complain about having a girl and her emotional support dinosaur. Also, because of how this combo works, one of the few times we could see a full tactical support character actually on the table in this game.

  1. Sister Grimm

The utterly messed up and kind of self destructive leader of the Runaway is a character I want on the table yesterday, though this is as much my want for the full Runaways crew to be in this game, but especially Sister Grimm who could also fit into the already existing A-Force.

Hopes you guys enjoyed this, and come back in a week to see what Mutants I would like to see in this game.

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