Sinister Foes – a new Green Goblin

The much maligned leader of our faction – Green Goblin – has got a much needed, and much requested buff!  AMG have resisted the urge to do too much to him but the improvements are very welcome.  Now, there is a chance that this may change before the new errata’d cards are released but I think it’s pretty likely that this is the version that we will see.  So here is the new card.

The first change is that Green Goblin finally has the 5 dice Pumpkin Bombs that Spider Foes have been craving.  This means that he will be much more reliable with his damage output, especially as he can choose whether to target an enemy model’s Physical or Energy defence, and with his Power generation. 

The second change is that Oscorp Weaponry is now free.  In our affiliated characters article I discussed how I thought that Green Goblin’s Leadership is often underrated and is in fact pretty good because it happens when you have perfect information (bar only a few very niche cases that happen afterwards like Witty Banter).  Now that it is free, it is a significant improvement.  You’re no longer gambling with your Power which means that not only are you potentially pushing more damage through, but in a lot of cases you are also gaining more from your Builder attacks.  This is a great improvement for the whole affiliation who have lots of good ways to spend Power and combines well with Green Goblin’s own improved Builder attack.

On his Injured side, Green Goblin has seen just one change which is that Pumpkin Bombs has become a 6 dice attack.  This is a very powerful attack with 6 dice attacks usually reserved for 5+ Threat models.  In our affiliated characters article I discussed how lethal Green Goblin could be on his Injured side and this turns it up a notch.  He probably won’t benefit much from the extra Power Generation potential as he already has a lot of Power once he’s on his Injured side but it means he is a much scarier proposition.

So, that’s it.  A few minor, but very welcome changes.  I played the current Green Goblin a fair bit and I’m excited to play this new one.


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