HPP 072 – Ghost Rider Seeks Vengeance on Kingpin and Bullseye

In this Episode, Will is joined by Leland and Merzain to discuss some of the recent reveals and updates.  The guys start by taking a look at the changes to the core rules.  They talk about whether or not these changes will likely benefit or hurt some aspects of the community.  They also talk a little about ways to get some roster building going within these new rules.  Then they take a look at the simple change to Kingpin before diving into the massive change to Bullseye!  Will he be lord of the 2’s?  What does this mean for CS and Cabal?  Then the gang tackles the Spirit of Vengeance, Ghost Rider.  Just how good is his buff?  Where is he going to fit amongst all the strong 5’s in the game?  All this and more inside!  Don’t forget about the Memphis Tourney that is coming up on Nov. 13!  Enjoy!

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