Possible Secondary Leaders Part 2 (Defenders – Inhumans)

This is a continuation of the article I put out last Monday, so if you are interested in what I my thoughts on possible leaders for Asgard, Black Order or Criminal Syndicate, you can check that out.

Now, to reiterate the rules, I am not going to be talking about alternate versions of existing characters, so if they are already in the game, I won’t be talking about them. Otherwise, everything is fair game, though this is all my opinion. We’ll start out this week’s article with

The Defenders

The Defenders have always kind of been Doctor Strange’s team (with a notable exception that I will get to) so the pool of characters is going to be real interesting to talk about in this one. that being said, let’s get that notable exception out of the way

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is the last of the street level Defenders characters waiting to be put into the game. My immediate guess is that whatever form the second Defenders leader will show up as, it will be representing the street level version of the team, and I think Jessica Jones would be a fine leader for that team.

Silver Surfer

While never the true leader of the Defenders, he has been the most consistent member of the team across the many different versions of the team, and if they wanted to slap a leadership on to him, I would be fine with him. He is the type of character that could easily be a leader, and has basically been Doctor Strange’s second in command at time for the team, so he would work.

The Masked Raider

The Masked Raider hasn’t become the leader of the Defenders…. yet. He’s the main character of the new run, and with some recent events, it wouldn’t surprise me if he becomes the leader soon. Also, he’s also this weird fusion of the Street level style of Defenders and the magic heavily version of Defenders that might make him a perfect fit. He may be too new of a character, but I would love to see him as the leader.

Guardians of the Galaxy

So, Guardians is an interesting troop, as we already have all the main guardians. But there is one inclusion in their affiliation that is going to be important to me, which is Ronan, showing that the affiliation is not just the Guardians, but their extended cannon, which leads me directly into


The sometime foe, sometimes friend of the Guardians, Yondu, is probably their most notable to the non-comic reading public character that the Guardians don’t have already. With that, he is also a leader in his own right, of the Ravagers, so if they wanted to bring that affiliation into the fold, that would make sense.


The current leader of the Guardians is probably the natural secondary leader for them. If I had to put money on a character to be the next leader, I would put it on Nova, being both functionally very different from Star Lord, and easily being a different threat value. There isn’t much more to say on him.

Kitty Pryde

So, for those that don’t know, for a short period of time Kitty Pryde was married to and co-captain of the Guardians with Peter Quill. While it’s the outside chance, I just want Kitty Pryde in the game, so I will take what I can get, especially if it’s not the terrible 80s costume.


Inhumans are a bit of an interesting bag to talk about. They are another really focused affiliation that limits their leader selection. this is especially hard when you get past the Royal Family.

Maximus the Mad

The main villainous Inhuman, if they wanted to do a secondary leader the represented the other side of the affiliation, he would be the main choice in my opinion. He also, in a similar way to Cassandra Nova, could be an interesting style of control that I would be fascinated to see on the table.

The Unspoken

The other major villainous Inhuman, and one of the former kings of the Inhumans, The Unspoken would also bring an interesting design with him, especially in Team Tactics cards he could supply, since he is all about transforming his opponents.


This is probably the largest stretch in this entire article series, but I could see them giving Thane, the child of Thanos and an Inhuman woman, a leadership to represent the Inhumans that do not live within the confines of Attilan, and are not concerned with it’s politics.

That is it for this week, I will be back next Monday to cover the final 4 affiliations in an extra big finale.

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