Possible Secondary Leaders Part 4 (X-Force and A-Force)

And here ends the journey, with the first and last affiliation on the Affiliation document, both of which have some interesting possibilities to talk about. But let’s quickly go back over the rules, we will only be dealing in new characters here, not retrains of existing character. With that out of way, let’s start with.


X-Force is an interesting team to look at because that name has been used across many different ideas, between the strike team specifically associated with the X-Men, and the independent conglomeration of mutants that Cable traditionally leads. This gives us two groups to pull from, both of which have some interesting pulls.


Psylocke is probably the most obvious choice to do, with her being a leader of a number of iterations of the Strike Team X-Force and a number of similar but differently named teams that MCP may roll into X-Force. That being said, Psylocke, for a number of reasons that the comics have been trying to untangle themselves from for a while now, Psylocke is a minefield, and it also wouldn’t surprise me if AMG says it’s not worth the work.


Another one of the leaders of the strike team version of X-Force, Fantomex is classically very associated with the team, which would make him a solid choice to be a leader. He is also a possible leader for this affiliation that doesn’t have some level of psychic powers which would mean a different niche for him.

Hope Summers

If we wanted to keep with the Cable styled X-Force, Hope would be my obvious pull for it. She is his direct protégé, and in much the same way that Sin is the secondary leader for Cabal, it makes sense to me. She would also be a much different style character compared to Cable, which is an important part of the formula for making a good secondary leader.


Finally, we have the affiliation in this game with the least history, only officially existing in the comics universe for a total of 5 issues at the point of writing. Within that, they also have had a total of one leader, the one which we already had. That makes them getting a secondary leader hard, but, that also means we have basically the full stock of female super heroes in Marvel Comics to look at as possibilities.

Sister Grimm

As one of the two other people at the center of the main A-Force Storyline, as well as someone with enough connections to be able to fit into a number of affiliations right off the bat, Nico would be my main pick. Though, this is also a selfish pick as she is one of the characters that I want to see most in this game.


The other center point of the actual A-Force run, Singularity is the inciting incident of this team even existing. Add in that she is such a different style of characters, being much more defensive, than She-Hulk, I could easily see her also getting the call up to being a leader.


While not as possible as the other two, she was one of the founding members of the A-Force as an affiliation, as well as being a character that some part of the fanbase has been clamoring for to have in their x-men rosters, so I could see though, though again, a lot less likely

And there we go, three options for each affiliation that doesn’t already have a secondary leader. I hope you guys enjoyed this journey, and I will be back at some point with some more fun stuff to talk about.

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