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TseungTsu here with episode 3 of “What’cha Playin?”. Today I’m joined by long time patreon and all around good bloke, DethFox. DethFox is competing in season 7 of the TTS league and his favorite superhero is Spider Man, so I wasn’t surprised to hear he’s playing Web Warriors. I myself have been tinkering with them so excited to hear his take on them.

M.A.G.I.C CIRCLE — Web Warriors Reminds Me Why I Loved Spider-Verse...

DethFox thanks for taking the time, let’s just jump right on into it, What’cha Playin?

-Amazing Spider-Man: 5
-Black Cat: 3
-Bullseye: 2
-Doctor Voodoo: 4
-Ghost-Spider: 3
-Lizard: 3
-Moon Knight: 3
-Spider-Man (Miles Morales): 3
-Toad: 2
-Venom: 4

[Extract Crises]
-Deadly Legacy Virus Cured? [C]: 19
-Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan [F]: 17
-Struggle for the Cube Continues [F]: 17

[Team Tactics]
-Advanced R&D
-All Webbed Up
-Brace for Impact
-Lethal Protector
-Mission Objective
-Monkey Brain is Lizard Home
-Tactical Analysis

[Secure Crises]
-Cosmic Invasion! Black Order Descends on Earth [D]: 16
-Riots Spark Over Extremis 3.0 [D]: 17
-Super-Powered Scoundrels Form Sinister Syndicate [F]: 20

I’ve been messing around with Web Warriors myself. While they have a core of recurring characters the last few to make up a roster seam to vary wildly. What made you excited to play this list?

The first thing that had me interested in playing this list is all the Spider-People.  With that low hanging fruit out of the way, I like the way that Web Warriors play.  Being a control/displacement faction first, with the ability to be surprisingly tanky thanks to Miles’ leadership. I enjoy trying to solve the puzzle of how can I score the most points without rolling a lot of dice. (They always betray me in the end!)

I love people playing characters they love, so what’s the plan for this list?

The game plan for this list is to grab as many extracts as possible and retreat to the secures. Trying to score four or five points per turn and end things as quickly as possible.  Characters like Amazing Spider-Man, Toad, Bullseye, and Black Cat  are all great at getting/stealing extracts and running away with them.  All the crises are fairly high scoring and are spread out to keep the fights either 1 on 1, or 2 on 1 at worst.  The majority of tactic cards are there to keep my characters alive a little longer (ie medpack, lethal protector, brace) or to help avoid fighting head on. (Disarm, tactical analysis, spider-tracker.)

The main core that I start with is “usually” Miles, Gwen, and Venom.  However, depending on the crisis and the opponent, I can switch things up.  The list has the ability to run 5 wide at 14 threat and can run wide enough so that models like Gwen or Doctor Voodoo can go last to displace my opponent off a point.

I’ve really enjoying playing web warriors lately too. Have you had any issues on the interact secures? I noticed you don’t have anyone generating extra power innately. 

Outside of Deadly Meteors, not overly, although I only play one or two games a week.  I have been finding that with the missions I have the chances of either the extracts or secures being live is still pretty good.  By that I mean if they try to force a slower or pay to flip secure 2 of my 3 extracts have five points and the other is Deadly Legacy virus.  (Which I feel spiders are second only to Criminal Syndicate.)  If they try to force a slower, high value extract, I have Black Cat, Miles, and Voodoo to steal it.  Getting back to the question, On missions like Mutant Mad Men or Spider Portals, I’ve relied on Moon Knight and Bullseye to help get the power to flip as they can build a bit more reliably.  I do miss having Iron Fist in the list though, and Angela or Space Loki could replace Amazing Spider-Man if you wanted more self sufficient power generation.

Okay fair enough, What things are you unsure about in the list moving forward?

The majority of the characters I have a fair amount of experience with, the newest additions being Bullseye, Lizard, and Doctor Voodoo. Voodoo fits right in with Web Warriors as he plays right into their (and my) game plan of denying the enemy scoring points. Bullseye, besides being the new hot 2 threat, is like a more stabby Toad.  He is great at staying away from the enemy and I plan to abuse parting shot as much as I can.  Lastly, the character I am most unsure of is Lizard.  Even though the internet has told me he is good, I am not sure if Lizard is the best 3 threat for the list.  I do like that he helps sure up the front line with Venom and Voodoo.  With Monkey Brain is Lizard Home he can push a lot of enemies off high priority points, such as Gamma Wave or SWORD base.  (Thank you Danger Room for that inspiration.)  That being said, he’s the one I would probably change out first.  I’m lucky to be a part of the Lovable Misfits (gaming club in London, Ontario) and have a great group of people to play against and bounce ideas off of.

So, and maybe this is obvious, what is your favorite thing about this list?

My favorite thing, besides playing with my favorite character, is the ability to mess with and deny my opponents their plans.  Almost every character has the ability to throw/push, or apply harsh status effects, while being very mobile.  I always love being able to live the dream with Gwen and move, spider-technique, move, web-line pull a person off a secure point, all the way across the board to score a point the opponent thought they had safe.  Very satisfying and one of the most fun characters to use in my books.

Okay before I let you go I have to ask a selfish question, how has Spider Tracker been for you?

I have had a love/hate relationship with that card for sure.  When it first came out I thought it was better than it was, then I found out mid game it wasn’t as good as I thought it was.  (Spoiler alert, models that are placed won’t trigger the card.)  That being said, if you know what it can be used against it can be very frustrating.  I primarily use it against characters with “charge” or an ability like that, as they tend to be pretty heavy hitters.  It may not be the most optimal card but I enjoy using it. Until I get my hands on Indomitable, but then I’ll probably go back once it hits the restricted list.

I’m definitely excited for Indomitable too! I’m very curious how you do this season, and of course I’ll let you know how I do as well. I think Web Warriors are well placed, but time will tell! Thanks for taking the time DethFox and for supporting us on patreon.

If you have a list you want to talk about shoot me an email at TT@Acrossthebifrost.com!

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Till next time everyone, Cheers and Happy Gaming,


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