Early Evening Dads: The Beginning!

Part of my life is making the worst puns ever.  I think I’ve succeeded here.  Back when Moon Knight got spoiled I said to myself “Self, you should play that guy.  His comics are funny and he looks baller.” and shortly after I said “You should go all in on Midnight Sons!”.  That didn’t happen.  When it was all spoiled the next like 6 or 7 games I played on TTS, my opponent was playing Midnight Sons.  So I decided to do the next best thing, Moon Knight was in Webheads and I went for it!

Times have changed.  I’m still really interested in Midnight Sons.  In addition, I finished another league at 4-2.  In the 4 main leagues I have played I’ve gone 4-2 three times.  There’s a country song about that, I think.  So I thought to myself that I could probably do better if I really applied myself.  I play a lot of games but most of them are just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.  If I spend more than 15 minutes on my list before playing it, that’s a lot!

So here we are, me wanting to improve myself and a lull of the competitive scene before we start back up again in August or whenever the next league happens.  I’ve got plenty of time to… well…. actually put in some time!

The first thing I did was decide that I wanted to play Midnight Sons.  For starters, solo.  Perhaps down the line I will find a gap where I can’t make it but I don’t think so.  With that out of the way, I had to think about playstyle.  I think a lot of my opponents in Midnight Sons games have looked at Blade and said “He pokes stuff with a stick” and built around that.  While that’s cool, I think there is more there with the faction.  Hopping off points to do a push and then hopping back on sounds cool.

So what scenarios do we like?  Do I like?  I mean “we” in more of a metaphysical way, not like what does the whole Midnight Sons community like.  You would probably get 25 different answers from 25 different people.  With Black Cat and Voodoo in faction I don’t think I worry too much about extracts.  I think we want to concentrate on, if we get priority, picking secures.  So where does that leave us?  I like B and I think Midnight Sons really excel at Infinity.  We shall start with that and Mutant Madman.  Look at some models and then circle back around.

I went through all of the models in the game.  I really studied them this time.  I didn’t just push Black Bolt to the side without opening his card (it happened shortly after I looked at his card).  I went through the models and looked at what they get from the affiliation, what they brought to the affiliation and then a column on thoughts.  After my quick assessment of each model, I threw a check mark in one of two columns (or no check mark at all, sorry Viper!) which is ‘consider right away for Iteration 1’ or a column to ‘come back and look in at iteration 2’.  

I expect I will grind iteration one for a minimum of 10 games.  How much am I going to learn from just a couple games?  Marvel dice are a funny thing.  I might have a game where I Siege and daze 3 characters that have already activated and get priority to one shot two of them with my first activation.  What would that tell us?  Nothing.  We need to really put in some time to get answers that are worth looking at.

So who is in the running for iteration one?  36 Characters.  Not bad considering there are eight in affiliation so they automatically made the cut.  Here’s the spreadsheet launching point if you want to see all 36 – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lpwyMAGP9I7IJVK1vk68mGoQWgDVynk4ECceR1cxCaQ/edit?usp=sharing

Up next time, I am going to study threat levels and pick some characters!  In the meantime, feel free to comment below and leave your thoughts.  

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