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What’s up, It’s Mike from the Danger Room. I keep seeing people on the discords and at in person events with questions on how people carry their game materials. I feel like I’ve devised a solution for myself that I’ve been very happy with and felt that I could share it with y’all. 

I hate it when cooking sites make me scroll through all of their dumb marketing and uninteresting backstory about how said recipe was passed down through their family, blah blah blah…nobody cares. So, without further ado, here’s what I got:

If the item is unavailable in the link I provided, you should be able to find it with a quick Google search somewhere else.

Here it is from the top…
and from the side

Tactics and Crisis Cards

I keep cards for my current lists to the right of the foam divider and everything else to the left. They are all sleeved in Ultra Pro Clear Sleeves.

Character Cards

How could I not show off the best three threat in MCP?

Two of these index card cases fit every character in the game currently with room to grow. I have them all sleeved in the Ultra Pro Soft Sleeves listed at the top.


I use CogOTwo’s Ruler tray. It’s very handy for keeping stuff organized on the table and it makes it hard to lose things.

Tokens and Dice

This is the Plano box listed above. Mine is divided like so. I use generic objective tokens for the crises. D6’s are for counting things on character cards like Mr. Sinister’s Genetic Samples or Killmonger’s Kill Count. I keep some miscellaneous tokens in the center and one of each affiliation token. Activated, Dazed, and Status tokens are to the right.

That’s it! Everything stacks on top of each other like the first photo, zip up the bag, and you can wear it on your shoulder, or stuff it in a backpack. Hopefully this is useful and thanks for reading.

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