Early Evening Dads Part 4: Tactical Analysis

Tactics cards are that weird gray area in Crisis Protocol that give you maybe your best flexibility.  They really are about how you will get it all done.  The mix up on matches.  Your sideboard.  I’m going to take them in my standard order of choice.  

Affiliation:  Midnight Sons have three cards.  Siege is in.  Bats the Ghost Hound will be in for now.  Banishment is getting Banished.  2/10

Restricted:  This is an odd one.  Blade himself goes real well with Field Dressing.  There are times where he gets dressed late, activates and heals 2 or 3, gets priority, activates and heals to full after a Field Dressing.  Med Pack is good with this team.  I have a bunch of characters who are not very prone to just getting spiked off.  Both Doctors, Blade, Dwarf, Hulkbuster, Iron Fist (except mystic) and Lizard.  Brace is good but I think I am going to Ashew it for now.  Locking in Field Dressing and Medpack like it’s 2020.  4/10

Character:  There’s a longer list here I should consider –

Helios Laser – Low likelihood but maybe?

Heroes for Hire – I really like this.  It’s in.

Monkey Brain is Lizard Home – This is on the fence.  Can be devastating.  Only worth it on high point packed scenarios.

Seance – That’s a no for me dawg.

Seven Suns of Cinnibus – This is a possible.  Leave it on the burner but I like it.

Vapors of Valtorr – Probably not.


Everything Else: I’m going to go through and take a look at the things I think are worth it.

Advanced R&D – I don’t see any obvious uses?

Blind Obsession – I love this card but does it fit here?

Disarm – Really like this card and maybe fits with my hardiness?

Follow Me – Will I have the Power?

Indomitable – It’s good, you like it.

Marked for Death – Webheads are really good, this is money against Miles/Peter

Mission Objective – I think this is in.  If we get the Alien Core, I don’t want to worry.

No Matter The Cost – I have a lot of interesting play with this.

Sacrifice – We have Gwen for BO but still a good card?


So what do we need?  Current list is Siege, Bats, Medpack, Field Dressing, Heroes, Mission Objective.  I don’t have gluts of power.  That probably takes Helios and Follow Me off the table.  Without brace I really want Indomitable so let’s put that in slot 7.  I think Disarm has good use in my team so lets put that in slot 8.  I am going to eventually run into a match where I need to fight so lets put in Seven Suns to slot 9.  For slot 10 I think we put in Sacrifice but it’s a real flex for me.

I think the general plan will be Siege, Medpack and Field Dressing.  With two slots per game really up for grabs I think I have enough utility in there.  

Next up I am going to have a Crisis….  In the meantime, feel free to comment below and leave your thoughts. 

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