Character Review: Beast

Beast, one of the original X-Men, in both the comics and in Crisis Protocol, brings a lot to the table for the Uncanny X-Men. Let’s see what he can do.

Starting with a very respectable 6 health (down to 5 on his injured side) 4 physical, 2 energy and 3 mystical, he brings average or above defenses for his threat value of 3 except against energy. But don’t let that 2 scare you from putting him on the table, he’s more resilient that he seems and we’ll see why. Bringing a medium move on a 50mm base also gives him a fair share of mobility and being size 3 helps him against a fair share of displacement.

Acrobatic Strike is Beast’s builder, with a range 3 and 5 dice, it’s pretty on par with other 3 threat characters as far as attacks go, but it can grant him extra movement with the Ambush trigger on a Wild which places him within 1 of his target. Something important to note, the trigger is not optional, so you have to keep it in mind when you attack and if it can force you off a point.

Animalistic Freestyle is Beast’s Spender and while range 2 with 6 dice for 4 power can seem a little expensive it gets to do a decent amount of things in addition to the attack. First, there’s the automatic Bleed, while not something to write home about, is still free. After the attack is resolved, Beast also gets a free Medium move which can improve his action economy. There’s also a size 3 push on a Wild which is very welcome as most X-Men can only displace size 2 or less.

Arguably Beast’s most important superpower, Baser Instincts is one of the cheapest displacements available on a 3 threat and an invaluable tool in Beast’s arsenal, being able to throw characters and terrain of size 2 for only 2 power. With his innate mobility, it makes him able to threaten points on the board pretty actively.

Coming with his iconic catchphrase, Stars and Garters is the reason why Beast is not as afraid of energy attacks as he should be at face value. Being able to reroll up to 3 defense or dodge dice makes him significantly sturdier than he looks and combined with the Cover granted by X-Men Gold’s leadership he is not often gunned down.

Finally the glue that holds the package together and differentiate Beast from a lot of his fellow X-Men, Disconcerting, Yet Provocative! fuels Beast with a fair amount of power that helps him make the best out of his toolkit. It can enable his throw and defensive rerolls with enough regularity to make him an invaluable member of any X-Men roster. Wall Crawler keeps him mobile and doesn’t let him be stopped by terrain while he swings his way around the board.

Overall, I think Beast is a very good affiliated model for the X-Men with his 50mm base that enables him to do solid turn one extract plays under Storm’s Leadership and he also acts as a reliable power battery for Cyclops’s X-Men Blue. He’s a solid team player that, while not having anything super flashy and explosive, will be a reliable and dependable character in your rosters and your squads.

Thank you and feel free to leave a comment, good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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