Surpising Splendid Splashes

Hello MCPeeps! I’m starting a new series that might only be 2 articles long, but we’re gonna do it! I’d like to discuss some splashes I don’t see much of, but make for surprisingly splendid splashes (hence the alliterative and stupid name.) First up, our favorite leader without a useful leadership: Cyclops under his BFF Magneto!


I’m sure many of you immediately yelled at my stupidity but hear me out. Outside of Rogue, Brotherhood lacks energy attacks, and even with Rogue lacks long range energy attacks. Magneto also HATES being displaced (especially now with almost all movement cards banned and Indomitable restricted), and Cyclops can move him short for 3 power with Field Leader.

Magneto helps Cyclops just as much, giving him power to actually use all the cool stuff on his kit. Ever wished you had more power so you can Field Leader, potentially use his beam, and save power for Quick Draw? With the Magneto Brotherhood insane power train you can live that dream! Choo Choo down the track with an unlocked kit!

Now thematically, sure they’re enemies generally. But Krakoa is for all mutants, and Magneto was an X-Man for a while. At the very least they’re all mutants.

That’s my pitch, hate it or hate it. Agree, disagree, have anything to add, hit up the comments or yell at me on discord!

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