Web Warrior Protocols joins the Bifrost!

So it’s been a long time since I’ve actually typed out any content – As we have been super busy with the YouTube channel! For those that don’t know, Web Warrior Protocols started a website that hosts its own articles talking about MCP rosters, tactics and events over a year ago – But more recently we expanded onto YouTube! I was lucky enough to meet Pat Dunford at one of the many MCP events I’ve been to, and once we got talking he introduced me to the Bifrost – So after some technical issues and delays, here we are!

You can find us over on YouTube!

We have just hit a massive achievement over on the YouTube, as we now have ten full Battle reports uploaded – So I thought this would be a great time to announce us joining the Bifrost and post our first article! Not only this, we are running our second giveaway over on our Facebook page to celebrate the achievement – Which you can find Here!

Make sure to follow the guide on Facebook for how to enter!

All of the links for the first ten battle reports are down below, but most importantly if you get chance to watch any of them please let us know any suggestions or requests you have for future ones!

I’ll be posting any new videos we upload over onto here as well – So expect to see more from us! For now that’s all from us at Web Warrior Protocols, but we will be back again soon!

Battle report I – Web Warriors vs Wakandans
Battle report II – Web Warriors vs Criminal Syndicate
Battle report III – Brotherhood vs Midnight Sons
Battle report IV – Spider Foes vs Brotherhood – Mystique
Battle report V – Spider Foes vs Guardians of the Galaxy
Battle report VI – A-Force vs X-Force
Battle report VII – Avengers vs Cabal
Battle report VIII – Inhumans vs X-Men
Battle report IX – Defenders vs A-Force
Battle report X – S.H.I.E.L.D vs Asgard

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