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Gotta start with this I love this picture, look at that maniacal grin

To start for those of you who do not know who Malekith is in the comics please don’t refer to Thor: The Dark World for your reference point of who he is and what he is capable of. Please refer to War of the Realms to see a true potential of what this guy can do!

Alright let’s begin, this article in a series that I am starting will probably the shortest and used as the primer to explain why and what this article series will cover. I recently put out a survey that could be found here . If you have any experience playing into or with Malekith please respond as I will be using these as reference points to the communities thoughts throughout the series.

I have been getting a lot of questions as to good ways to play Malekith (Mal, Keith, Doom Kitty, whatever you want to call him) and figured why not just do a series of articles going through my findings with him as a character in the game of Marvel: Crisis Protocol (MCP). I will probably start the actual series maybe in a week or so after I have gotten more quantifiable data from the survey I posted above and give people at least a little time to play him and put their thoughts in it instead of just Hot Takes. I have also received a bunch of questions asking when the articles will be coming out hence this one being a primer/preface to the series and to sort of lay out what to expect.

Another point to call out is I guess some sort of credibility to look forward to what I am saying. As of the time of typing this, since his card was spoiled at Ministravaganza I have played 48 games with a 42-6 win loss record while playing mono cabal Malekith Leadership. I tried him in other spots as well splashed for testing but those numbers were minimal and I truly had the most fun with him as the leader. I have had people ask but how have I played that many games since he came out. Well to be perfectly honest TTS is a wonderful tool to get repetitions in and makes it incredibly easy to proxy models. That and I am currently in Tournament prep with a goal to do very well at NoVA so I try to get a game in every day and then multiples over the weekend when I can. So hopefully this adds some credibility to what I am saying across this series.

Now with that out of the way! What you should expect with this series of articles will be a very in depth breakdown of how Malekith plays, recommendations of how to play him from crisis, tactics, squad construction, and of course how to play in to Malekith. I will say the majority of what I will state will be my personal opinions and feel free to take it with a grain of salt and disagree with my opinions. This is where I hope the survey will help back up my findings. I will provide snap shots and reference points of the survey to share the communities outlook on the character as well! I think some other things I will probably end up covering are some in depth thoughts and things to consider with your play. I am fully expecting this series to be very thorough and in depth to answer all your questions you may have on the big bad.

Why Should I Play Mal?

For me personally I LOVE the character. He is one of my favorite villains from Marvel and man that sculpt AMG did is absolutely amazing. His character across the comics has a lot of depth and just a super fun read or however you absorb your comic information. Again I can not recommend enough to read War of the Realms or watch some Youtube video that covers the story. As for a gameplay perspective, Mal is just incredibly fun to play. I will say there are sometimes in a game I just feel incredibly bad for my opponent as I can see it can promote some NPE especially if it is my opponents first time playing into Mal. When you come across these try to make it a learning point please! You will take more away from the game if you look at it in a perspective of what did I learn from Mal just doing his thing and having incredibly consistent dice and running the table. If you learn and take that knowledge forward it makes the experience not so negative in my opinion and makes you a better player moving forward. Another reason to play mal, if you are afraid he is going to just destroy everything, just play him see what he does from the Mal player perspective, see how much thought process actually goes into his activations and that of his team. Doing this will give you a better perspective of one, how to beat Mal, and two how it really isn’t as easy as it seems to just throw him in a list and see success with him. I highly think that it takes a high level of understanding of the game to play Mal with success CONSISTENTLY. Most of all Mal is fun though, just enjoy the game, learn, and become a better player for it!

Final Thoughts

My biggest thing going into this series to tide you over while you await the information to come out. Enjoy the game, play Mal, play against Mal learn from those matchups and understand he really isn’t that scary. I truly don’t think he is going to dominate the competitive meta unless we as players allow this to be the case. He is not some unbeatable, unkillable, monster coming to the game. At the end of the day he is just another puzzle for us as the players to unwrap, understand, and take account for in our roster and squad building procedures. I hope you are looking forward to this series as much as I am and again don’t be afraid of Mal, look forward to unwrapping this with the community!

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