Rogue Agents Podcast Episode 18: Spiders Everywhere!

In this Episode we Continue our series deep diving into the crisis! This episode we cover Spider Infected!

0:00-10:00 – you know, and some regular business 

10:00 – 11:20: hot takes 

13:13 – begin main topic, spider infected

 31:26 – IDK, but we’re off topic but still on topic at this point – Spider Infected is fair; Angela

 36:54 – broken stuff to do on hammers

 43:43 – Mystique is back on the menu

 51:41 – Hyperviper says that WWs are over-reliant on A R&D 

54:28 – what’s fair? Getting HyperViper up to speed on Dyzard’s strongly held belief that Extremis is the most fair scenario

 1:03:50 – HyperViper talks about Fury and how OG Strange isn’t that great; Challenge of the Week 

1:08:40 – Listener Questions

 1:20:00 – some junk and what about comp/casual split?

 1:46:00 – and we’re done

“I’m terrible at this time stamp job, lol” – Sam

We also cover our new Accountability club and just talk general MCP over at our discord here!

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