LVO Challenger Event

Welcome back! Today I’m going to go over my recent games from a Challenger Event I attended.

In my first game, I faced a Magneto led Brotherhood of Mutants on Demons Downtown and Hammers. Credit to my opponent, they did the best they could, but things went my way almost exclusively all game long and I took the win by round 3.

In my second game, I played against Convocation, piloted by one of the players I traveled with. We had an excellent and very close game om Spider-Portals and Hammers which ended by a small VP margin favoring me on round 5.

In the third game I played against Steve’s Avengers on Deadly Meteor and Research Station. My opponent went all in trying to kill my models very early on, which led me to score both the Researcher and the Meteors almost all game long, but I only had a single injured model by the end of the game.

For the fourth game, I was playing against another regular member of our playgroup which was also playing Convocation on Extremis and Hammers. I took a solid VP lead earlier on but being on the backfoot, my opponent identified very well that they had to pressure me on the scenario and managed to close the game in their favor at the end of round 6. (The game was streamed as part of the event from the Professional Casual Network, which you can watch over here.)

And in the final game of the day, I ended up playing against a local playing Spider-Foes on Extremis and Hammers a second time. Unfortunately for my opponent, I had a team that was a lot more mobile than theirs and took an early VP that I consolidated and earned me the win on round 4.

Finishing with a respectable 4-1 and, thanks to the Challenger format rules, I ended up winning the event which came down to the tiebreakers. The games and everyone involved in the event were very nice and it was a cool experience to get to travel for a MCP event again.

Thanks and don’t forget to have fun!

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