Character Review: Cable

Nathan «Cable» Summers, the prodigal son of Cyclops and Jean Grey, an Omega Level mutant and the founding leader of the X-Force.  Let’s see if his MCP counterpart is as powerful as his comic incarnation is.

Starting with a decent stat line for a 5 threat, with 6 health on his healthy side (goes up to 7 when he’s injured) 3 physical, 3 energy and 4 mystical. Cable stands on a 50mm base (medium) but with a Small move.

Plasma Blast is a 5 dice energy builder, with Incinerate on a Wild shooting from a very respectable R5 It gives Cable a lot of range to threaten very early in the game while still being able to pick up objectives on your side of the board.

Askani’Son is Cable Spender, an Area 2 mystical attack with 7 dice and costing a hefty 6 power. The attack also heals Cable for 1 for each attack that deals damage. The spender gains an additional trigger on a hit and wild that staggers, which is good but not the m

I’ll be skipping Cable’s leadership as it’s not super relevant to his evaluation as an X-Men character but it’s still worth mentioning he’s the leader of X-Force.

Arguably one of Cable’s most important superpower, Body Slide by One gives him a lot more mobility than his inherent speed does and helps him extend his treat range across the map and makes sure he’s always in range to attack twice with his builder. It also gives him a lot of ways to effectively sequence his turns.

Being an Omega Level Threat, Cable has access to one of the most flexible and versatile terrain throws in the game. Being able to pick it up from R3 and throw it Medium while never paying for more thab you throw. It helps give Cable a better consistency in his damage output and is a welcome addition to a diverse kit.

Cable, being equiped with technology from the future, is able to add 2 defense dice to any ally within R3 at the cost of 2 power, giving him some needed defensive capabilities and the flexibility to protect an ally in a pinch.

Last but not least, the thing that holds all his arsenal together is his Techno-Organic Virus Supression, which gives him an additional power per turn, to enable his disverse kit.

Overall, Cable has a pretty interesting toolkit, he’s got mobility, a throw, defensive tech and a R5 builder, it’s a lot to like. Unfortunately for him, a 5 dice builder isn’t the most reliable way to build the power he needs to make full use of his kit and that’s probably his biggest downfall. 

Thank you and feel free to leave a comment, good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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