Huggybear and I test our rosters in anticipation of Season 9 which is starting up soon. I put together a Midnight Sons roster while Huggy is using his SHIELD team. Don’t forget to sign up for the MCP TTS league before the end of Sunday the 16-October!

We’ve changed the league format to be just 1 game a week over 6 weeks with no locked rosters! You can use whatever roster you feel like that week. And we will be using Longshanks to do the pairings and record matches. Join our Discord server to get more information in the #league-announcements channel. Invite:

Games are generally played around 7 pm in the evenings but you have a variety of time zones to choose from to suit your schedule. You can sign up using these links, but you MUST also be part of our Discord server as all information during the league passes through there:

USA West
USA Central
USA East

Watch the replay on YouTube. Watch future matches live at

You can contact me on Twitter @45caliberidea or Discord dr_norbert#0260

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