MCP TTS League survey results and plans for 2023

Listen to a panel of the TTS League TOs as we go through the community feedback survey results and how we decided to run the leagues in 2023.

Twitch (with chat)
YouTube replay

To view the data and our decisions (along with dates for all the leagues next year), go to the slide deck.

Key Decisions:

  1. We will continue with 6 league weeks followed by X-1 elimination rounds as we’ve been doing
  2. 3 leagues a year with about 4 weeks between them
  3. Open roster for the league weeks
  4. A vote for all qualified players if they want open or locked rosters. And whether they want seeding or just random pairings
  5. League weeks not ranked on Longshanks; ranked for Elimination rounds
  6. We won’t enforce full Longshanks info input after games; just the score and winner
  7. Betta Splendens leagues should run one open roster 4 week league alongside one Second Chance league per bracket; we can consider alt rules leagues later in the year depending on how sign ups go for the more normal leagues

2023 Season Dates:

Season X
Swiss 23-Jan to 5-Mar
1 week break
Eliminations 13-Mar to 16-Apr

Season 11
Swiss 15-May to 25-Jun
1 week break
Eliminations 3-July to 6-Aug

Season 12
Swiss 4-Sep to 15-Oct
1 week break
Eliminations 23-Oct to 26-Nov

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