Ep. 44: Tanky Sam Spam List Building

Gamers Guild

Ep. 44: Tanky Sam Spam List Building The Gamer's Guild: A Tabletop Gaming Podcast

Today we are joined by a brand new host, Justin, along with Shadow Marvel as they approach Sam Spam list building from a different perspective. They have 22 characters they want to include in the list but only have 10 slots available! Listen as they break down how they fit 22 characters into one roster! 

Our characters so you can follow along at home are: Captain America (Sam), Black Widow (2), Iron Man, Luke Cage, War Machine, Ms. Marvel, Dr. Voodoo, Black Panther, Hulk, Toad, Baron Zero, Proxima Midnight, The Blob, Beast, Crimson Dynamo, Domino, Iron Fist, Lizard, Mystique, Red Guardian, Rhino, and Vision.

Until next time, keep on gaming…

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