Registration for Season X of the MCP TTS League will be ending this Sunday at 8 pm bracket time. If you’ve been meaning to register, do it, do it now, before we close things up. It’s very simple. Instructions below and after them, we have some explanation about what the league is with some creator content telling you more if you are still on the fence.

Your quick guide to get started

You are allowed to participate in 1 branch only.  You should be able to play your games around the suggested branch times, however it is entirely up to the two players on when the match is exactly scheduled.

  • Branch West (PST):  games to take place around 7 pm PT
  • Branch Central (CST):  games to take place around 7 pm CT
  • Branch East (EST): games to take place around 7 pm ET
  • Branch Europe (GMT):  games to take place around 7 pm WET
  • Branch Oceania (AEDT):  games to take place around 7 pm AET

Steps to follow

  1. Join the MCP TTS Discord server
  2. Go to the #roles channel and click the BIG button (not the little emote) for the branch you wish to join so that you have access to your branch’s chat channel and the league announcements channel
  3. Sign up to the Longshanks bracket.  Be sure to include your Discord handle in your Longshanks profile even if they are the same handle.

What is the MCP TTS League?

The League is a Global gathering of MCP players that balances casual and competitive play. Thus it’s a perfect opportunity for everyone interested in MCP to take part. As a quick overview, the main part of the League lasts 6 weeks. You play 1 game per week within a time zone bracket that falls within your availability. You may change your roster from week to week. At the end of the 6 weeks, all those that have X-1 or better records are invited to a 5 week elimination series where you’ll be able to play people across all the different brackets around the world. The League is a fantastic way to meet new people and we encourage you to sign up. Games start on the 23-January. Full rules are available here.

Players are free to join the league at any time.  Just message the @infinitywatch in the #league-chat channel and ask to join, specifying which branch.  However, you are still required to earn 15 TPs to qualify for the elimination rounds (that is, have a minimum of 5 wins).

Want to hear more about the League?

Gamers’ Guild:
The Danger Room:
Strike Better:

A video primer on how to use the TTS MCP mod:

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