Early Evening Dads: Hail Characters

So where does one start with Hydra?  My last list build exercise I did, I started with a couple of scenarios, moved to models and swung back around when I was done.  When I first grabbed Hydra I didn’t know much about them, or at least I knew less than I knew when I started my first Sons roster.  So this time around I think I am going to start by looking over the affiliated characters, figuring out who I want to take, then morphing my strategy for crisis selection around that, then pulling in my Unaffiliated.  I think to start I will be concentrating around Strucker as my main plan with Skull2 as my flex plan.

Arnim Zola – Guy seems straight gold.  6 health on each side for a 3 cost.  Rerolls.  He doesn’t have great ways to gain power but he can spend it in a ton of different ways.  He also applies conditions.  Slow as all get out but I just need to plan for good positioning.
Baron Strucker – He’s a leader but honestly I have been thinking about splashing him in other spots.  He’s got so much juice in so many different ways.  I think as the game continues forward you will see this guy pop up from time to time.  Not like a VooDoo level splash but someone who randomly walks in to a scene or two.
Baron Zemo – Best model in the core set?  Best model in the faction?  I don’t think there will be lots of surprise that this guy is making it in.
Bob, Agent of Hydra – I don’t own him which is a strike against him.  I’ve played with and against him a handful of times and I am never impressed.  I think he’s a pass for me to start.  That 2 point slot, which I probably only want 1 of, is just better spent on some out of affiliation stuff.
Crossbones – I did the Sin and Bones thing for a league late last year.  Had her as my leader.  Lost a tight one to Malekith, won my other two games.  She’s fine, He’s fine.  The combo is fine.  I don’t think my plan is to go super tall and use them for activation control which is where I think the duo shines.  I will keep them in consideration if I see something like I want to manipulate priority but on their own they are both meh and are a pass for now.
Red Skull – He’s cool.  I don’t need two Johann’s in my roster.  I’m forming a wide-ish game plan.  He probably doesn’t fit.  Honestly he probably just isn’t good unless he is a leader.  
Red Skull, Master of Hydra – he’s game plan two.  I don’t own him but I will soon.  I have mixed opinions on this guy.  I’ve just randomly blown this dude up so many times it’s hard to get a bead on what he’s doing.  I think he’s my tallboi list option.  I think it’s odd that only the two Johann’s are more than 3 points in affiliation.  That makes tallboi much harder.
Sin – See bones
Taskmaster – I have a love hate with this dude.  My plan is starting to form in my head and I think it’s one of spread stuff where people need to survive on their own.  He’s decent at that.  
Viper – I think she’s underrated.  She’s just not as good as Black Cat.  Is she good with Black Cat?  Can you roll on spread scenarios and be annoying?  I think that’s a yes.

That’s 6 affiliated characters.  While going through that I formulated the start of a plan.  I think I want to go wide.  I’ve got 4 slots left so I can pull in anyone I want to really.  My original thoughts were I wanted attrition focus as the Strucker plan .  He’s got healing factor basically on everyone.  I’ve got lots of people who can apply conditions so getting a heal for one every turn should be pretty easy but looking at the line up, man, that’s a lot of 3’s!

Crisis cards.  I think we are all swimming in this world where no one knows exactly what’s going on.  It’s kind of the wild west.  Not much changed but EVERYTHING changed.  With a built in centerline play (Skull2 with Eyes) I think we want to concentrate on secures.  My initial thought was I wanted to punch face but actually looking at what I am taking for my starting 6, I don’t think that’s the plan.  Demons, Intrusions, Gamma.  Gone.  Later suckers!  I have a decent amount of mobility.  Everyone on my team is mobile or average except Zola.  Someone has to be the short fat kid at the back of the pack.  (hint, that’s me!) With the staying power of Struckers heal one per turn leadership, I think we can safely do something like a B scenario with some segregated fights.  What I don’t have is a ton of control.  If I can force other teams into going spread and win some two on two fights, I can do well on B’s.  I’m thinking both B’s.  I know, some people think X-Men are unbeatable on a pay to flip.  I do not think they’re right.  I might be insane.  It’s also one in 33 leaderships and it’s 1 in 3 of my cards.

What other spreads do we have?  D’s I don’t think are bad.  I enjoy D’s.  (hehe)  Fisk is interesting but I think it’s a center fight scenario and I don’t think my main plan has the juice for that.  See Gamma, Intrusions and Demons.  SWORD I think is too close on the pay to flips and some teams with control will just own my face here.  Scoundrels is a good candidate.  I think Zola standing on one back one shooting for power and using the power to help his buddies might have some legs.  I might need another back line person to really get that plan going.  Do I want to play 20?  

If I have Infinity and Madmen at 17 and 18 where do I want to go?  I think the super tall guys have advantage at low point values.  I know from playing some Malekith that dude just murders teams at 15.  So yeah, I think that’s where I am landing.  Infinity, Madmen and Scoundrels.  I don’t think I will be the best team in the game at any of those but I think I will be able to hold my own against any team.

Where do I want to be on secures?  I’m only taking them as second so I want balanced ones.  the first that come to mind are Paranoia and Hammers.  Skull2 has a good hammers play and I think I can mitigate the damage from Paranoia.  Though the damage does concern me a tad since I might be facing some teams on stuff like Gamma or Demons.  The extra scoring might help me drive the narrative a little bit though.  Senators is straight out.  That scenario is like a nightmare fueled by spiders and clowns.  I’m out.  Skrulls is interesting but I don’t have two safe centerline grabs so I think I will avoid it for now.  I don’t want the uneven ones as I will be going second.  I think because I won’t have priority and I will have some good support weenies including grunts, Researcher might be good for me.  Going to lock that in.



Fear Grips
Research Station

That’s where we are at.  Next time I will work on what else is in the list.

Current Goal Status: 9 models painted, 0 battle reports posted, 25 models played.

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