Battle Report 28 – Web Warriors Vs Brotherhood Ft. Patrick Dunford

We finally return after the turmoil of trying to get the PC fixed for editing – And this time we come back with a special battle report that we managed to film outside of the studio – Over at the York Weekender!

I’m joined by Across the Bifrosts very own Pat Dunford, as my Web Warriors clash across the table against his Mystique led Brotherhood – If you’ve heard of the Mystique Senators plays, then Pat demonstrates them perfectly!

We get to use some of the awesome terrain from the event, as the Web Heads struggle to keep up with the Well Laid Plans of the Brotherhood – Where the Mystique leadership synergises perfectly with a certain set of characters.

For more information about the setup and plan for Senators, we will be discussing it on the Web Warrior Protocols Podcast soon!

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