Seeking 2 players for the MCP World Team Championship

We are forming a Team United Nations so we can have an even 32 teams at the 2023 event. We just need 2 more players to complete the team. If you’d like to be part of the team and experience this incredible event, contact me or GilDK on Discord or Twitter.

What is the WTC? It’s an international event where teams of 5 players from a country compete against one another for top honours. We have an interesting set of team composition rules, as well as a pairing process which encourages team members to work together to form a competent team. Plus it is a fantastic opportunity to socialise with MCP players from around the world. One price gains you entry to the event, hotel rooms, and meals over the weekend of October 21-22. The event will be held at a hotel directly connected to the Copenhagen airport. You can read up about the event at

We have 31 national teams signed up and so to ensure an even 32 number of teams, we’ve created a United Nations team with members from various countries to be part of the experience. We found 3 players already but need 2 more to complete it. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your interest!

You can contact me on Twitter @45caliberidea or Discord dr_norbert#0260

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