Hello and welcome back to SGP, now on Across the Bifrost!
First of all thank you so much to TT and Pat for letting me join the single best website for MCP content.

Second: I’ve returned from a family holiday and had another in person game against Brother B.
Criminal Syndicate Vs. Hellfire Club
The twist: I was playing CS.

B. won priority (of course) but chose Extracts and got Montessi (not a particularly helpful extract for the classic HFC plan) while I got my perfect secure in Mayor Fisk and chose 18 threat.

Shadowlands Daredevil, Klaw, M’Baku, Black Cat and Bullseye
Emma Frost, Klaw, Apex Predator (classic Sabertooth model used), Lizard and Toad

I decided beforehand that I was gonna play Klaw and M’Baku no matter what and had SLDD fixed as my leader too so my only real choice was Black Cat, who I also wanted to test out but that was a rather bad choice with the Crisis combination.

The game turned out to be an absolute bloodbath as you might imagine with this setup.

M’Baku had to whether the early onslaught from B.s Klaw while SLDD got hit rather hard by Emma to start the game. Apex who took the middle Montessi (with both 2 threats grabbing the back ones) would also turn out to be a problem rather quickly.

With both Witnesses being contested we had very little scoring in the first round.

Second round started with Apex throwing himself into my Klaw but fell just short of dazing him with his attacks. I return Klaw shot Emma down. It was Toad who actually knocked Klaw out for the round. But Daredevil and Bullseye repaid the deed and Victor also got dazed, dropping his book, which I couldn’t pick up because it was Bullseye dazing him and he already had one. B. had moved his Lizard over to the other Witness where M’Bakus 2 Energy defense really hurt against Klaw leaving me with one Black Cat on one Stamina against Klaw and Lizard. So instead of just standing there Cat double moved and stole the Book off of Toad which also meant I was contesting the secure for three denied and a gained VP.

During the next rounds I made good use of my tactics cards in Cruelty to daze Klaw, All according to plan to steal prio (even though my Klaws activation didn’t do much then). And a very very powerful Shadow Organization which meant B.’s Klaw who was the only damage Dealer on B.’s side still standing, couldn’t double tap anyone.

Daredevil himself turned out to be my game winner on the back of some very hot dice. Oneshotting Toad with Barton Hooks was unexpectedly awesome for example.

I ended up scoring out the game 20:14

Next week I will play Winter Guard while B. Plays an All-star Hero Team which can be Avengers under Steve and Sam and also Defenders under Strange. And he will bring ASM no matter what.

What else happend:

AMG announced a whole bunch of new Spider-Foes including my biggest wishlist character for the game in Sandman 😃

There will also be a Spider-Foes Affiliation Pack and just as I have predicted on Reddit (u/Archon_Vrex) ever since I learned that core Peter was gonna be in the WW one it has classic core Ock inside it and we get the Avengers and Cabal models out of the core box in Affiliation Packs of their own. And well: a new core box!

I predicted Fantastic Four but new versions of the classic core models it is and New Ock looks amazing. Both from the model and from the card. I’m probably gonna talk about each new core set character in more detail in the coming weeks.

How has my season gone in the second chance league? 
Well… I can firmly say: I hate Malekith.
First game was against a “classic” Cat Dog list which ended up not even including Lockjaw in the Squad. It was on Intrusions and Hammers and while I was mostly able to handle Red Skull, choosing Recal over Helios Laser because of a Brain short-circuit was pretty bad (Iron Man is on the card, so that’s Helios right? No, no, it’s not…)
The game was relatively close but not realising Midnight Phantasmagoria can heal Mal and then later Mal waking up from a daze was the end of Ulik and Bill and that was game.
The second week I faced: Malekith. Because who else would I? It wasn’t a Cabal roster though but Storm X-Men using Kitty boy as an even more unkillable control piece. The game was on Hammers and Sword and again rather close with Emma dunking on Logan while he was healthy. I threw everything and everyone all over the board and Bill stood his ground against Malekith longer than he had any right to do probably. In true Showdown of pillow fists Bill lived with no damage against a full Mal turn and in return: did also zero damage with two attacks and a throw… Mal’s ability to change skulls into crits is the bane of my existence.
Despite all my best efforts Mystique was the game winner in flipping to Sword bases and picking up a Hammer in the final turn after Logan did what a Logan with 10 power will do.
The worst thing about Malekith is however, that even the players playing him always state that they don’t enjoy it but have to play him in tournaments so they get games with him in.
The next couple of weeks were no games since I was on vacation so I had to concede a round and then got a bye (yeah a win 😅).
My 5th and final game of this particular league was scheduled for yesterday night but sadly my opponent got sick so we decided to just call it a 0:0 draw. B. And I got a Wakanda vs. GotG TTS game in and while I eventually lost the game 20:11 with only Okoye inexplicably still standing I enjoyed playing Wakanda a whole lot and might even change to them as my Fury’s Finest Secret War IV list. Not a 100% decided on it yet.

So until next time cheers from Germany

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