New Core set hot takes part 2 Spectacular Spider-Man

First things first: if you’re not humming the Spectacular Spider-Man shows intro music every time you read this name go watch that show. It’s pretty good.

Last time I said Spidey here was the most important character of this set to bring new people in and I firmly stand by that.

Peter Parker is by far and away the most popular character in all of comics and we need him to be well represented in the game.

So let’s take a look at Spideys new card:

taken from Jarvis Protocol

While some people might dislike the lack of a builder I personally love the double gainer as it makes his turns very reliable and planable.

Spectacular Peter slots in as a relatively tanky, relatively mobile 3 threat with a good amount of control available. Which doesn’t make him, well spectacular (hah) at one job but makes him useful for a wide variety of teams. And that was the most important thing they had to with this new version of him. People want to play their favourite characters and Peter Parker is the favourite character of the majority of people. Him being able to slot into basically any roster and perform reasonably well in it is far more exciting for me than having him be some super strong niche instance character that takes a lot of practice to use well like say Mysterio.

Earth’s mightiest core set also comes with a new Peter Parker tactics card:

From Crit! Wild!

It’s an OK card but probably only worth it with ASM as 3 and 4 threat Peter aren’t all that likely to ever daze or KO an enemy character. Probably not a card I would bring outside of Web Warriors.

As I said last time I think this Spidey will be Web Warriors and Defenders like his other two versions but his Panel to Play which came out during me writing this article mentions Shield for him so I won’t be surprised if he end up there too or instead of Defenders.

Next time we’ll take a look at the Metal Tyrant version of Ultron.

See you then and cheers from Germany 🍻

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