New core set hot takes part 10, Captain America, First Avenger

Second to last day of the series and today we take a look at the third incarnation of Steve Rogers now called Captain America, First Avenger. That’s obviously to long to write and if you’ve read the series so far you might have noticed that I like to abbreviate character names myself, too. So for Mr. First Avenger the community has come up with two nicknames: St3ve (called Threeve) or Mighty Cap and I’m firmly in the Mighty Cap camp so that’s what we’re going with today.

Here is his card:

Mighty Cap comes to us as a very decent midrange brawler with the potential to make a move and then no less than four attacks in a turn if he hits his triggers. Now his triggers are hard to get. Luckily he has something on his card that can make them that much more likely: this kind of crazy leadership. Needing one of the two dice results that come twice on a MCP dice, a hit, and having to spend one power is generally a low ask to change another die to any face you want. It makes his own bounce trigger rather easy to get for example because all you need is one hit. I believe he wouldn’t be able to change Skulls (Failures) but I’m not entirely sure as he would change them, not reroll them. We won’t get confirmation on that until he releases October 13th though. Spending power might sound bad but remember that it is straight up the best dice effect ever put into the game and that you will usually change a non success into a success, which can generate the power back on builders, or a success into a specific trigger. Would you spent a power for a size 4 throw on Thor? Very likely so.

So safe us from Mighty Cap now leading every list ever AMG was wise enough to restrict it to once per turn. Making character with clap backs and good triggers on them very interesting for his team. Is this finally the home original Daredevil needed? Probably not. Original Sabertooth might be pretty good with Mighty Cap though, triggern both pierce and bleed on a wild.

In general Mighty Cap brings a very different Avengers build with him as a trigger heavy midtable brawler Team. He himself is even tankier than his first version because he can add the additional dice and on the backside count blanks against Mystic attacks, too. But of course he can’t bodyguard. Good that Luke Cage might as well be glued to his back, because the leadership makes getting the two wilds on his builder incredibly more likely. Much more than the other four leaders in the new set Mighty Cap makes you think about specific characters. You want to build his roster with people who have stuff like flurry triggers and wild throws. In practice it wouldn’t be affiliated but in theory a team that includes iHulk, Ronan and Thor would be pretty awesome with him. Thor being affiliated would mean you could absolutely build a Roster with all three and decide between iHulk and Ronan based on threat. You can go countless other ways with the leadership too, to be clear.

Overall I think Steve here isn’t the most exciting model in Earth’s mightiest Core set. But he has the most exciting leadership from a list building standpoint.

We also get a new Steve Rogers tactics card:

It’s very good. Probably a bit too expensive for original core Steve but with Mighty Cap who can generate more power through punching it will be a staple I think.

Tomorrow we reach the end of the series with Winter Soldier, Operative. See you then and Cheers from Germany 🍻

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