SG Protocol: Ministravaganza 2023 predictions and hopes

Tomorrow Ministravaganza 2023 starts and three points of the schedule are of particular interest for me. I hope the three Star Wars Games have cool stuff shown off for the players of those games but I’m of course most excited about the MCP schedule points. In particular these three:

September 14th:

We basically start the event with the biggest highlight of all for me and probably a lot of MCP players. My expectations are to see the models we saw unpainted at the Gencon stream painted (so the new Spider-Foes as well as Gwenom and Ben Riley) and then to see more new stuff we can expect to come out later next year. I have a feeling Nimrod might be among those new models.

Aside from him I have some characters who I both would like to be added to the game and where I could see them to be likely additions, too. (I have my very own personal wishlist but that’s for another day 😉)

So first up and very very obviously missing from the game: Jessica Jones (preferably coming with some Defenders tactics cards and maybe even a leadership). She could come in a box with Jebediah Killgrave, the Purple Man who could be great from a game design standpoint.

After that I think Karnak and Gorgon and maybe less so Triton are very likely additions to the Inhumans we can expect to come out sometime and maybe tomorrow is when we see them for the first time. AMG has visited older affiliations recently with the addition to Wakanda in M’Baku.

Speaking of Wakanda, while not new models I guess seeing the stat cards of new Panther and Killmonger is also something I kind of expect to see here.

Nico Minuro would be an awesome addition to A-Force, maybe even a secondary leader.

If we are to be treated to glimpses of new affiliations I think three stand out the most:


With Miles and Kamala already in the game, with their own team up tactics card even, it would be nice to see some more members of their kids team. Nova would be a particular favourite of mine to show up in the game.


There are a lot of characters in the game that were Thunderbolts at one point or another in their comic history. Give me a non Goblin Norman Osborn, a Red Hulk or even a MY Thunderbolts leadership tactics card (Luke Cage, Taskmaster and Hawkeye were also Thunderbolt leaders for a time). And finally give the Punisher a home affiliation.

The Illuminati

“Spoiled” in the original first rule book we already have Black Bolt (5), Doctor Strange (5) and Iron Man (from 3,4 or 6) in the game. Who we are missing from the secret world leaders are Namor and Reed Richards. I think it was said that the F4 won’t come out this year. But first up never take that as gospel and second they might not come out this year. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t be shown off this year. Personally I kind of couldn’t care less about them but I know many players like them a lot. I would love Victor von Doom in the game though.

Of the three I think the Thunderbolts are actually the most likely.

My next schedule highlight is this on September 15th:

I kind of have no idea what to expect here which in turn has me pretty excited for it (but also prepared to be underwhelmed).

I find it rather unlikely that we will see new crisises given the fact that the current ones are only coming out in print form on October 13th with Core 2.

But who knows maybe they drop an additional pack in the future or (hopefully not) a special set for their timeline events.

Which leads us to my last highlight on September 16th:

I think we kind of know about two of those new game modes that I’m personally very interested to learn more about. Will Shick mentioned at Adepticon that the new Wakanda terrain had special optional game rules (I forgot the name sorry) and that those rules would be added to older AMG official terrain, so that’s the first game mode I imagine them talking in more detail about.

The second and very much necessary is Timeline. Since the Gencon reveal of them, without nearly enough information about how they will actually function, a lot of content creators have had opinions on them. Some I agree with some not very much (while I love the guys and their show listening to the latest Alfredo’s size 3 taco truck had me screaming at my car speakers in anger 😂).

I think the three rosters on three days and no duplicates of characters and tactics cards is really cool. What I’m afraid of is how and how much they will limited the characters available. If they restrict the characters to say 60 picking 30 of them will lead to exactly the opposite to what this format should bring out. So I’ll write a full article about them once we hopefully have the full picture after Ministravaganza next week.

See you then and cheers from Germany 🍻

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