SG Protocol: Ministravaganza 2023 reactions part 3 Asgard

Welcome back to SG Protocol.

We continue our rundown of everything we got in Ministravaganza 2023 today with Asgard.

During the Roadmap panel we were treated to this, a second affiliation pack coming in the spring of 2024. It includes a new 6 threat Thor, Lady Sif, Jane Foster Thor and a full on evil master Loki, who I guess will also be of higher threat than his current version. My guess is that we will see a new Asgard leadership on at least one of these models, maybe even multiple. I could see this Loki having some kind of villains of Asgard leadership for example.

We also had a first look on this nice Asgard terrain which should come out around the time the new affiliation pack is released (so spring 2024). It will have one or two one shot cards included they said.

One thing Asgard players have asked for a long time now is an Update on their 5 threat faction leader. And they finally got one:

Thor gains some much needed durability in an increased stamina to 7 on the front side as well as immunities to Shock and Stun. God of Thunder also drops to 4 power and auto Shock on every target changing it from a bad joke to a real threat. I’m certainly looking forward to putting Thor back on the table now.

I definitely had to look up everything that changed with Hela who was not even considered a playable model before. There are a lot of buffs for the Queen of Hel here. Her builder increased to range 3 and both spenders got a power cheaper. Claim Soul with the Asgard additional power is now a very very good attack. But she might also spent her power on her new active 2 cost superpower that lets her advance S towards an enemy model on R3 and if she ends in R1 she rolls 4 dice and every crit/wild deals a damage and heals her. Importantly she only has this on her healthy side. Army of Hel now can’t be used on Claim Soul but that’s a small price to pay for all the buffs. Hela definitely has changed from a shelf only model to one I’m excited to put on the table.

That’s it for the Asgard news. Next we look at all the updates to Defenders characters.

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