SG Protocol: Ministravaganza 2023 reactions part 6 everything else

Welcome back to SG Protocol.

Today we take our final look at what we got from Ministravaganza 2023 with everything that didn’t quite fit in so far.

First of the last updated character stat card:

Taskmaster is an absolute favourite comic character of mine and I’m glad he got a very deserved buff here. It’s just a little thing in his Shield throw now being a flat 1 power gainer bringing it in line with those of Red Guardian and the Captains America. The rest of Tony Masters kit remains the same but it was pretty good already. I’m certainly looking forward to putting him on the table more.

Shang Shi and Silver Sable are coming out in spring of 2024. I’m no expert on either so I won’t go into any predictions on how they will play but they said on the panel that Shang Shi is supposed to have a lot of really interesting things on his card. I don’t expect us to see it before next year though.

Mojo Ball

This is going to be basically a spin off game that doesn’t require different models but is played with your normal collection. There won’t be crisis cards but instead three balls that are apparently working like extracts and you have to deliver them to a goal. We will probably get more details about how it plays when we get sooner to its release which we don’t have a timeline on. Importantly this is the first of these play kits that’s going to be sold to the general public rather than being store exclusive like most UEs have been.

Speaking of UEs: they added a bunch of them as free PDFs on their new website.

Timeline Events

We were given some more details about those.

A timeline will last for a year and an event using it will look like this. You have to have 3 rosters with no duplicates of anything, characters, TTCs and crisis cards. At 32 players you play three rounds. Roster 1 in round 1, Roster 2 in round 2 and Roster 3 in round 3. You have to determine the order of your rosters beforehand. If you make it to the top 8 cut you play up to 3 single elimination games now going in the backwards order of 3,2,1. So if you reach the finals you play the roster you had in round 1.

Bigger events would run 6 rounds until the cut but I can’t quite say if you play 1,2,3,1,2,3 or 1,2,3,3,2,1 in those.

They also said the pool of characters for time line 2024 Is about 80 characters.

This is the part I’m not a fan of. Many people already dislike the everything unique and three rosters part but that I really like. But taking this and then taking out almost half of the existing characters is something I’m not a huge fan off.

Granted for me going to Adepticon is about as likely as Wolverine not crying about his claws in the 90s cartoon (spoilers if you haven’t watched it: VERY unlikely). So it really doesn’t have a big impact on me.

Something that people where rightfully afraid of is that this was going to be THE one big Adepticon MCP event and replace the Standard MCP tourney. I’m probably wrong about this but to me it sounded like that was not going to be the case.

The last thing we got was just this art preview:

So Dracula is coming. I’m really excited what they’ll do with him both from a rules but also from a minis point of view. But I guess that will be some time off yet.

I’m excited to try out some of the updated characters, still look forward to core box 2.0 and especially the new Spider-Foes affiliation pack with Sandman, Electro, Shocker and Vulture. So lots of stuff to look forward too with MCP these days 🙂

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