SG Protocol: Which… Steve Rogers?

Welcome back to SG Protocol where we continue our Which… series with Steve Rogers.

In this series we look at all characters with more than one incarnation in Marvel Crisis Protocol and see which version is best to use in any roster you play if you love the character and want to put it on the table no matter what.

But with good ol’ Steve it’s a bit more of a tricky question than it was for, for example, Peter Parker. Steve just like Peter now has three versions but unlike with Peter, whose versions are all different threat levels (3, 4 and 5), all three versions of Steve Rogers are 4 threats.

Original core set Steve Rogers (he got an update in the 21 character updates to be fair) remains a solid back point holder and extremely tough to crack Bodyguard. His leadership has always been and remains excellent. What he absolutely isn’t going to be on the table is: exciting.

Steve 1 here takes punches for his friends, throws some shields and in a pinch uses his Shield Slam to throw someone off a point. And that’s about it.

He may be worth thinking off as a splash for his Bodyguard ability but that’s really about it and can be gained cheaper than his 4 threat price tag. It becomes a more and more unique ability though with for example Colossus having his Bodyguard changed to a “taunt” (meaning Colossus has to be in Range 2 off the attacker not the attacked model like Steve here).

Steve 1 is affiliated only in Avengers.

Sculpt: C+. It is OK considering it is from the original core set so one of the 10 first models released for the game.

WW2 Cap is the all out offense version of Steve Rogers which sadly doesn’t mean he is particularly interesting. His niche is being rather good at Pay to Flips but outside of those… he is at least a reasonably tanks secure character as you don’t really want to pick up extracts with him to keep On Your Left online as much as possible.

He has very good triggers on both attacks but not a lot of dice on either to be really considered a reliable damage dealer. He has the potential to reroll any for 3 power which is a very good super power to have but Steve 2 here will rarely have the power to spare for it.

Steve Rogers, Captain America (Steve Rogers) not only has the weirdest name in the game but also is the only Steve Rogers that isn’t an affiliated Avenger. His only affiliation is SHIELD.

Sculpt: B+. By far and large the best Steve Rogers sculpt. He isn’t a particularly interesting character in the first place but of the three this versions easily looks the best. Especially considering our next candidate… Slight points reduction here for the WW2 base which can look a bit out of place next to the rest of your team.

Threeve, St3ve or Mighty Cap. Many nick names are going around for our newest addition to the Steve Rogers in MCP. He is pretty similar to WW2 Cap in being more of a front line brawler, aided by the Charge superpower, but has the advantage of gaining I Can Do This All Day on the backside and bringing a pretty strong leadership with him on top of it.

He is affiliated in Avengers (leader) and SHIELD negating the last little niche Steve 2 had carved out for himself.

Sculpt: Solid F. The worst sculpt in MCP without any competition. I know it’s based off of a famous comic cover but it is famous for being one of the worst covers of all time so…

So which version of Steve Rogers should you play on the actual table?

None of these guys are particularly exciting as splash characters to be honest so it will often come down to which leadership you prefer for your Avengers. In Shield Steve 3 is a OK piece at least and gives you a very easy way to dual affiliate.

When you really want to splash Steve Rogers anywhere I think Steve 1 brings something rather unique with his Bodyguard superpower and would be my pick because of it.

Regardless of which card you choose definitely put the model of Steve 2 on the board if you own it. Pack his card somewhere else, you won’t be using it and hide Steve 3s model in the darkest corner of your hobby space. (Ask your opponent for permission if you actually do this though).

That’s it for today. Next time we’ll look at Steve’s best Buddy most times and almost mortal enemy sometimes in Tony Stark who now also has three versions (and four models!). See you then and Cheers from Germany 🍻

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