SGP: Replacing Angela in my competitive Asgard roster?

Welcome back to SGP.

I’m currently running Asgard as my main team and have had reasonable success with them sitting at 5:3 after 8 games with only one of the losses being a blow out really.

My list for the longest time has been all 9 Asgardians + Rocket with three pay to flips as my secures.

I’ve recently made Valkyrie a “healthy scratch” in favour of Baron Zemo but that’s probably not a permanent change. Rocket has also been replaced by Toad at the moment.

What’s probably more of a permanent for now is that I’m looking to “trade” Angela. She’s a character I want to love so badly because on paper she seems fantastic but I am always led down by her performance or probably more honestly how I play her. Even in the games I won while using her she didn’t seem to carry her weight as a 5 threat.

So I’m thinking of replacing her for now. But I have three possible candidates for it who are all very different from each other and somewhat more or less from Angela.

Amazing Pete offers the same base speed and safe grab while having added mobility and much more durability. Angelas defensive tech matters against teams that it does but often she is just overwhelmed by the pure amount of fire she takes. Actually damaging ASM is quite difficult.

His 4/4/3 stats make him just as good for the Pay to Flips and he can sometimes even refund his own power for trying to flip.

Downsides to Peter here are his far lighter damage output, the lack of a throw (besides his spender trigger) and that he doesn’t generate 2 power in the power phase.

Probably more of a curve ball here, Cable offers back board support and can help keep the more close ranged Asgardians alive with his Shields. He is more mobile than it would appear and gains the 2 power per power phsse. Being 3/3/4 means he is strictly worse at flipping the points though. He offers high damage potential and a very good throw as compensation.

The most thematic fitting choice but a model that unlike the other two got heavily nerfed instead of buffed in the recent updates.

Malekith is definitely not quite comparable 1:1 with Angela because he is 7 threat. He keeps her mobility mostly with 65mm base, medium move and flight plus a charge. He also has pretty high damage potential still. Blood Boil might have become much more interesting now that Blade of Midnight lost its pierce. He also has the two power and a 4/4/4 stat line so he remains a good P2F character.

Something Mal offers which the other two don’t is a dual affiliation. Skurge, Loki and Enchantress probably aren’t the first characters that come to mind when thinking about Makekith Cabal but they are here and open up the possibility. Even if it’s just psychological and to mess with your opponent.

Next week I have two games scheduled and plan on using Asgard in both. If all goes well one will be in person where Mal isn’t a possibility for me yet (but there’s an unopened box from my typical online store addressed to my wife so he may be in there for Christmas). But if it happens you’ll 100% get a bat rep about it!

What are your thoughts on the matter? Should I keep Angela in because she can use the awesome Asgard tactics cards while the splashes couldn’t? Should I take one of the three here instead and if yes, who do you prefer? Or do you have another suggestion (Ulik comes to mind for me too just now 😅)?

That’s it for today. I’ll continue the Which… series when I have some spare time but look very much forward to finally having an in person game again and taking some pictures of it.

See you then!

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