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Today I want to explore the 4 archetypes of rosters in MCP.

Often times people in this game refer to a roster as either being “scenario” or “attrition” but there is also room between these extremes.

We give a short overview of the main game plan for each type, affiliations that (competitively) are usually running their rosters like it.

Type 1: Pure scenario teams

These teams try to win the game with as little engagement with their opponent as possible. Instead they aim for a crisis combination that is as spread out (D, B, possibly F Maps) and has as many VPs on the board as possible. Typical pure scenario teams are going to be either tanky, fast moving or both.

Example teams:

Web Warriors, Kingpin led Criminal Syndicate, Hellfire Club

Type 2: Scenario teams that can pivot to attrition

These are teams whose primary plan is similar to those of Type 1 but who pack more of a punch or sometimes a secondary leader in case they meet an opposing roster they think outfighting will work out better. They often aim for a similar crisis combination like Type 1 but are more adapted to accepting closer maps as well.

Example teams:

Uncanny X-Men, Wakanda, Hydra, Sam Avengers, Doc Ock Spider-Foes

Type 3: attrition teams that can pivot to scenario

These are rosters mainly build to punch you out but who have some ways to switch their game plan to scenario if the matchup calls for it. Unlike Type 4 these teams don’t always favour the down the middle brawl but like a mid-scoring game where Types 1 and 2 can’t just outscore them while also not giving the preferred combination to a Type 4 roster.

Example teams:

Asgard, Shadowland Daredevil Criminal Syndicate, X-Force, Inhumans, Daredevil Defenders

Type 4: pure attrition teams

These are teams with one plan and one plan only: killing the enemy. Its a very simple logic: your opponent can’t outscore you when all his models are dead. These teams typically want the game to be a big brawl right in the middle of the table so noone can run from their attacks.

Example teams:

Guardians of the Galaxy, Steve 3 Avengers, Black Order, Malekith Cabal, Red Skull 3 Cabal

Obviously everything here is debatable and every affiliation can somewhat be tuned to all 4 of the archetypes (but getting the ones I categorised in 1 and 4 to be the other is quite a stretch). But it’s the basic thing in roster building you should be aware of. And with a bit of experience you should be able to deduce which archetype for opponents roster is going for helping you with decisions for squad building.

What do you think: do you agree with the 4 types or do you think there are more/less? Where does your favourite affiliation land on the list for you? Tell me in the comments!

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