Dr Norbert and Lukas Schieck play their new rosters (Web Warriors vs Convocation)

Having played nothing but attrition rosters for many months, I decided to see how a scenario focused affiliation works. This is my first game with a Web Warriors roster to give it a go. I play against Lukas from Canada who also tried a less familiar roster and used Convocation.

Consider attending the Belgian Masters XXXL convention which takes place 16-18 Feb! Why might you like to come to this event? Well, it’s the only one in Europe that uses the same format as American style conventions. This is where they offer a variety of different formats across Friday and Saturday to cater to everyone’s tastes. Each of these individual mini-tournaments qualify into an invitational on the Sunday for the top dogs. There are other events on Sunday for everyone else. I’ve been to this event many times in the past for Warmachine and it is a top class facility, run by really good dudes, and they have large variety of Belgian beers available.

What’s on offer?
Friday: Team-up, Challenger, & Timeline events
Saturday: 3 player team tournament, Challenger, 3 box challenge events
Sunday: Invitational, 3 player team tournament, Timeline events

Cost: ticket plus hotel sharing a double room is £176. Full details in the rulespack, but hit me up with any questions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZL_184Oe-SVlYo4iWNDQB4xEUokcnLmJ/view

Watch the replay on YouTube. Watch this match (for a limited time) and future live matches at https://www.twitch.tv/dr_norbert

You can contact me on X (Twitter) @45caliberidea or Discord dr_norbert#0260

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