Welcome back to SGP.

Today I’ll set some goals for my year 2024 in MCP:

  1. Longshanks Badges

Currently I own the 10 games badges for both Asgard and Spider-Foes as well as the Dabler Badge for 5 games with 5 affiliations.

At the end of 2024 my goal is to have the:

40 games with Asgard

20 games with Spider-Foes

10 games with Criminal Syndicate

10 games with Cabal

10 games with Hydra


10 games with A-Force

Badges (yeah I’m kind of a bad guy’s player if anyone was wandering 😃)

This might obviously change with releases etc. But with Asgard and Spider-Foes both getting new affiliation packs and being my #1 and #2 affiliations already it’s pretty safe to say I should get quite a few games in with them. And Cabal, Hydra and CS are all packed with favourite characters (either in lore, in the game or best of all both) of me already and I want to try each a bit more.

2. Establish and Expand the German speaking TTS

Season 1 started with a small group of 5 people from Germany and Austria with a sixth player joining from round 2 onwards. Registration for season 2 is currently open and we already expanded to 8 players which is a good sign. It’s a fun and friendly league but doesn’t lack in competitiveness nonetheless. Any German speakers are very welcome to join.


For 2024 we’ll most likely will have 3-4 new seasons.

For any German speaking players in general, come join us on the MCP Germany Discord server:


3. In person games / Batreps

Due to understandable reason B. and I couldn’t keep our weekly in person games after August and I haven’t played on an actual tabletop ever since (but loads of games on TTS at least). So for the year I aim for a hopefully realistic 30 in person games. Which, if all goes well, will also mean the return of battle reports to the blog.

4. Host an in person tournament

Getting in contact with more German players including from my greater area could prove to be instrumental in me hosting a small in person tournament in 2024. It’s only gonna be a maximum of 8 players but B. and I can provide the four necessary mats and terrain already which keeps the cost down to hopefully realistic prices.

5. Attending a tournament

During the league I got invited to a couple of tournaments. One awesome event in Vienna Austria run by the super nice: Eusebio1210 and Lunatic_Machine (both 2. Place WTC23 with team Austria) which with a heavy heart I will not be able to make it too. But YOU should if at all possible.

A bit more realistic because of the commute and the overall costs for travelling and hotel etc. Is an event run by the also awesome Benator97 from Osnabrück, Germany which is only about a one and a half hour drive from me so B. And I should be able to go up to play there.

6. Filling in the missing characters in my collection and replacing 3D prints when I play the characters a lot

Currently missing are the characters that are already in Jarvis but not available yet:

King T’Challa; Killmonger, Usurper; Prof X; Shadow king; Shadowcat; Nightcrawler; Bishop and Ice Man

And on top of those it’s only:

Black Swan; Dormammu; Malekith; Sentinel MK4(s); and Super Giant.

As I’m currently reading War of the Realms and Mal is pretty awesome in that he’s by far the highest on my priority list.

There are some characters I don’t yet own the originals of, but have a 3D print and the original card for. Some of these might get replaced with the official models if I find I do play them a lot.

7. (Get back to and) Stay fully painted

Aside from my new movement tools out of core 2 and the characters I got for Christmas:

Ms. Marvel; Scarlet Witch (replaces 3D print); Quicksilver; Gwenpool; Squirrel Girl; Sam Wilson (replaces 3D print) and War Machine

I am fully painted and aim to stay that way. Since starting MCP I’ve set the restriction on myself to only buy new characters once everyone I have is fully painted and it has mostly worked out great. I’m not the greatest painter in the world by any stretch of the imagination but they look well enough on my shelves and more importantly on the actual tabletop (where I vowed to never put an unpainted mini ever again).

Web Warriors into Defenders and Midnight Sons
Defenders/ Midnight Sons/ Convocation
Defenders into Avengers
Avengers into A-Force
A-Force into Inhumans
Guardians of the Galaxy into Black Order
Black Order
Cabal/ Hydra
Cabal/ Hydra
Cabal/ Hydra / Criminal Syndicate
Criminal Syndicate
Spider-Foes (+CS)
Uncanny X-Men/ Weapon X / X-Force
Uncanny X-Men / X-Force / Brotherhood of Mutants
Brotherhood of Mutants / Sentinels
Winter Guard

8. Attend WTC 2024

My biggest but also hardest to reach goal in 2024 is to join the awesome event in Kopenhagen. A lot of things have to go right for that to actually happen but I’ll definitely try to work towards it.

9. Bonus goal: play an Asgard game without forgetting a leadership trigger…

As my recent opponents can attest to: I’m great at realising at the end of my turn that I forgot to use my leadership… I’d like that to change for obvious reasons…

So that’s it for my goals for 2024. Some are more accessible some less but we will definitely revisit this list at the end of next year and see what goals have been reached and which haven’t.

But before we finally set our sights on 2024 we will have a final stat overview post looking at games played and win rate from the updates to the end of the year on December 31st. Stay tuned!

Cheers from Germany 🍻

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