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Today we finally can look at a new character stat card, since Bishops card was finally shown off in a Panel to Play.

Bishop is a bit of a weird character stats wise. 3/4/3 defenses and a 6/5 health pool are at best lower average defensive numbers for a 4 threat but his Innate superpower Mutant Energy Absorption increases his survivability somewhat but very dice dependent.

Immunities to Stun, Poison and most importantly Incinerate are all very helpful of course. So at least his 3/4/3 isn’t likely to go down to 2/3/2 (unless an enemy Honey Badger gets to close).

Bishops builder attack is a very decent one and auto incinerate at Range 3 is absolutely fantastic.

Having the Thor/Bill throw (Range 2 size 4 terrain or character throw for 3 power) is always a welcome tool and he should generate a decent amount of power to use it more than once per game.

His spender is very interesting, too. Area attacks have seen an increase in usability since the 2023 character updates where Thor’s is now a decent option in the right situation and Daredevils is pretty good. Bishops here is somewhat comparable to Hornheads as you can use it as a control tool to clear off a point that was contested by multiple enemies. Being able to spend for extra dice and choose any of the three attack types can make it a strong attrition attack, too.

Lastly Bishops suffers a damage when he has 8+ power in the power phase. Generally he can spend his power fairly well but the round after dazing can be dangerous for this. And then loosing a stamina of the only 5 on the back side would hurt a lot.

If we go by timelines Bishop will be affiliated in X-Men and X-Force (I think we can accept this as what will be true for standard pretty safely) and he fits in decently with both. But until we learn what Prof X’s leadership will be X-Force stands out as the superior fit for Bishop. He can add a decent amount of attrition and control to the faction. Probably less pure damage upside than Psylocke who is going to be his biggest competitor for a roster slot in both affiliations, but more control.

Where else could he be a decent fit?

It’s not like they’d need the help but he makes a good Guardian of the Galaxy. Using the winging it tokens on defense can help getting the “reverse pierce” and also trigger the push on the spender when used there.

Speaking of defensive rerolls: Bishop could help out the Web Warriors with a bit of damage support. Being a Medium Base Medium Mover he is also rather fast on the table.

Where I think I will try him first is in Criminal Syndicate, specifically under MODOK, Scientist Supreme. Turning one wild on defense into effectively 3 blocks would help out his survivability immensely.

And while I’m currently not running him in my Hydra list, Strucker would also offer be a good leadership for Bishop to keep him alive. His builder handing out Incinerate automatically (at range 3) would probably trigger the leadership heal quite often.

Where do you think Time Travel Lucas would fit in? Maybe King T’Challa Wakanda for the Area pushes? Leave a comment and tell me!

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