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Previews have come back and just a week after we got our first look at Bishops stat cards AMG treated us to a new From Panel to Play this time revealing Iceman’s card.

Iceman is a really cool character (badum tss). Coming in at a nice low 3 threat and on a medium base while moving Medium is pretty fast, though at only size 2 with no flight he can be hindered by terrain. This is made less of a problem by his special version of hit and run that has him count as size 5 for the advance part of the double action.

Offensively Bobby doesn’t bring a lot of dice to the table but having a Beam Gainer can make up for that in the right situation. A wild slow is great but of course not all to reliable to get.

This spender is an unexciting Range 3, 7 dice for 3 power attack but has the very strong wild trigger of handing out stagger.

Aside from the aforementioned super hit and run Mister Drake has two more superpowers: an icy version of Sam Wilson’s Airlift which is a really strong superpower and even better here with Bobby has he has a bit more reach due to his bigger base. And then Cold Snap which hands out ice-cream cones with the Slow special conditions to anyone who ends of move or attack action in Range 2 of Iceman. If they already have it they take 1 damage instead. This is fantastic. Nothing more to say.

Granted Bobby’s defenses are pretty normal for a 3 threat (but 4/3/3 is welcome against throws for example) and only 5 health on each side. So it might happen more often than you’d like that you can’t trigger Cold Snap after an attack against Iceman was resolved because he is just dazed or KO’ed by the attack before he can trigger the ability.

Iceman is pretty much confirmed to be affiliated only in the Uncanny X-Men.

He adds even more mobility and a good target to be hopped off for Storms leadership. With Scott he can maybe help fund his team? He should be pretty self-sufficient with his power through his Beam being a gainer.

And Prof X I expect to see next Tuesday and we will have to wait for his leadership until then.

Outside of X-Men where does he fit?

Amazing Spider-Man Web Warriors has to be on top of the list here I think. Sure Webs sport no less than 4 fantastic (SSM, Miles, Black Cat and Gwen) and another very good (Moon Knight) 3 threats and probably don’t need the help but the synergy is immense with ASMs leadership here.

Baron Strucker Hydra is probably the place #2 for Bobby. He really likes the heal and has become the single best user of the leadership since unlike any other condition there isn’t a model that is immune to slow. For some it doesn’t change how far they move but the condition is still applied.

Aside from that he can probably fit basically anywhere you want him to. He gives your team a nice little movement boost while ideally slowing the enemy team down quite a bit. His model is also awesome so that you never feel bad putting him there.

Where do you want to play Iceman, if at all?

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