SGP: Cosmic Ghost Rider nerf is online

Welcome back to SG Protocol.

Just a couple of weeks after LVO 2024 where he was very much a menace AMG decided to do something about Cosmic Ghost Rider:

Let’s go through these 1 by 1.

Cosmic Penance Stare has his cost increased by 2 power to a hefty 8. You’ll be able to use it far fewer times as a result and really have to have a good reason to use it.

Chains of Cyttorak got changed to once per turn instead of once per character per turn. Good. Thanos had to be stopped from rearranging the entire board and there wasn’t any reason why CGR should be allowed to.

The unnecessary long name for his power roll has changed from the power to the clean up phase. Heavily neutering his turn 1 impact as he can’t score but also will only have 1 power (unless you play him under a leadership that gives him more). And since he can gain a maximum of 2 through attacks placing even Range 1 might mess up turn 2 if he rolls poor in the clean up phase. Not something I would have come up with but a pretty elegant way to address the issue.

And lastly he now gains a psychosis token automatically when he dazes. Which I don’t know how much it really matters to be honest as he most likely will have taken enough damage to have the power anyway. But it is a slight buff against attacks that deny power (like his own spender).

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