SGP: Why Hulks throw should cost 3 power

Welcome back to SGP.

Today we look at characters that can spent power on a superpower to throw either terrain or enemy characters and what the design philosophy from AMG is behind costing these.

It is definitely inspired by Hulk dodging a (in my opinion necessary) nerf once again when CGR was hit pretty hard.

Heres the full list of characters that can throw either:

Characters (23)
Agent Venom (4)
Beast (3)
Beta Ray Bill (4)
Bishop (4)
Black Dwarf (4)
Captain Marvel (4)
Captain Marvel, Cosmic Avenger (5)
Clea (3)

Doc Ock, Sinister Scientist (4)
Doctor Octopus (3)
Drax the Destroyer (3)
Hulk (6)

Kingpin (4)
Lizard (3)
Ms. Marvel (3)

She-Hulk (6)
Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (4)

Storm (3)
The Immortal Hulk (7)

Thor, Prince of Asgard (5)
Valkyrie (3)
Venom (4)
Vision (4)

Thor, Bill, Bishop, Black Dwarf, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk and iHulk all share the same throw:

Range 2 size 4 Medium for 3 power.

So size -1 for Range 2 and Medium distance.

Vision has a similar one but with size 3 for 2 power (he is best in this class and the argument could be made for him to have the cost increased too. But he isn’t exactly tearing up the meta as it is). Kingpin has the same one but doesn’t have the mobility to use it more than once or maybe twice per game.

Agent Venom and Lizard pay 3 for size 3 in Range 2 and only throw Short. A far cry from what Hulk (who also produces 3 power per power phase) and even Vision and Kingpin can do for less power.

Regular Venom pays 3 for size 3 at range 2 but does throw Medium.

And then we have a whole class of characters with a longer reach size 2 throw:

Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Doctor Octopus, Clea, Storm and Ms. Marvel can all pay 3 power to grab something (or someone) from range 3 and throw it/them Short.

Doc Ock, Sinister Scientist can grab size 3 for the same cost.

And then finally we have Beast and Valkyrie with the “worst” throws here (but having a throw is always better than not having one) in Range 2, size 2, Short for 2 power.

So the baseline for a throw is:

Power = size, from Range 2, Short distance.

A “good” throw has one of those parameters parameters increased so:

Power = size -1

Power = size +1 but from range 3

Power = size but Medium distance

a “very good” throw increases two parameters:

Power = size -1 and Medium distance

Power = size from Range 3

And then finally we have the “insane” throw which increases 3 parameters over the baseline:

Power = size -2 and Medium distance

(we have yet to see a Range 3 (character) throw that can throw Medium distance).

There is (almost) only one model in the game which boast the insane throw and it is Hulk.

Granted Captain Marvel, Cosmic Avenger has the insane throw too but only on her binary card which means she has to start her activation at 6 power and is in a form where she can only spend and never gain any power.

Hulk on the other hand has his throw online every time he activates. Of course there has to be a best overall model in the game and it is good that it is the second most recognizable character in Marvel. So I don’t want to see Hulk nerfed into the ground. But having his throw cost 3 would only put it in line with the design philosophy overall.

What do you think?

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