Witty Banter Ep 2 – Cosmic Ghost Rider Gets the Nerfhammer!

You’re welcome, webheads! It only took one episode of Witty Banter to go live for AMG to give Cosmic Ghost Rider the nerf he so desperately needed. In our Headline segment, we discuss just how poor Frank was nerfed, whether AMG overdid it, and how to play (and play against) the new CGR.

We also have heard from you, webheads! We answer a question and dojo a roster sent in after last episode. Keep ’em coming!

Finally, for those in the Omaha area or would like to visit (which you should!) we shout-out the Big Beef Beatdown, a one-day LVO qualifier.

Signups for the BBB ⁠here⁠, and pay the registration fee ⁠here⁠.

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