SGP: A farewell tournament for my Asgard and what is next

Welcome back to SGP.

Today we’ll cover my first in person tournament for MCP from last weekend which was my farewell to Asgard as my main affiliation until the new box comes out and where I will go next with my competitive roster. For more details about the overall tournament please read yesterday’s article (which is in German).

My Roster for the event.

Characters (10)

  • Thor, Prince of Asgard (5)
    Beta Ray Bill (4)
    Enchantress (4)
    Hela, Queen of Hel (4)
    Skurge, The Executioner (3)
    Heimdall, The All-Seeing (3)
    Ultron, Metal Tyrant (5)
    Spider-Woman (4)
    Wong (2)
  • Hulkbuster (6)

Team Tactics (10)
Doomed Prophecy
Odin‘s Blessing
Meet My Executioner
Skuttlebutt, on Me!
Brace for Impact (R)
Eyes on the Prize
Sacrifice (R)
Fall Back
The Age of Ultron
Stark Armory

Secure Crisis
S.W.O.R.D. Establishes Base on Moon‘s Blue Area (G, 15)
Deadly Meteors Mutate Civilians (I, 17)
Mutant Madman Turns City Into Lethal Amusement Park (B, 18)

Extract Crisis
Paranoia Pummels Populace! (K, 16)
Fear Grips World As “Worthy“ Terrorize Cities (D, 18)
Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership (J, 20)

Overall the roster went 2:1 for the day.

I lost game 1 on the back of bad decisions probably from turn 0 on and my dice did nothing to bail me out at all.

We played 20 threat on Meteors and Skulls and I decided to go with Thor, Bill, Hela, Ultron 2 and Wong.

They faced Steve 3, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Deadpool and another Thor.

Highlights were me spending too much power on Ultron to flip the point. Twice. Rolling 5 Blanks on a Bill Builder attack against a Quicksilver on 1 stamina left and Thor who appearently was so afraid of seeing an imposter version of himself that he decided to punch with a stuffed animal instead of Mjolnir all game resulting in a total of 3 damage dealt on 6 builders (all in the same attack of course). My opponent who also was the TO for the event played flawless but I also made it too easy here. Well what can you do. The goal was to win at least 1 game and I had 2 more to go.

Round 2 I faced Dormammu at 15 threat on Researcher and Mutant Madman. I brought Thor, Bill and Hulkbuster against Dorm, Wolverine and Deadpool.

This game I won pretty quickly on the back of Bill storming forward early and eating the round 1 daze to come back full of power and with a spender against Dormammu that, through the achieved throw trigger dazed Dorm in Round 2. Wolverine KOed Bill for that but I was able to score 5 points in each of the first two rounds.

It ended up being two rounds of outlasting the enemy with Thor and HB where Wolverine and Dorm had to spend valuable actions to move across the board. Dorm was able to daze the Buster and Wolverine contested the Researcher in Round 4 but it was too late as 2 of the Madmen where still flipped for me which had me score out the game 16:6. A very fast but very fun game. And Buster worked great here.

In my third and final game my opponent had to concede at the start of round 4 at a score of 10:10 due to health reasons. I feel like I was in a very good position (half his squad on low health on their injured sides right in front of Enchantress and I had priority) but who knows how it would’ve played out in the end.

It was Thor, Bill, Hulkbuster and Enchantress for 19 threat on Hammers and Demons against Cable, Psylocke, Apex Predator, X-23 and Deadpool (always Deadpool 😅).

So I got the win there for an official record of 2:1.

I had fun with the list but my biggest gripe also showed once again. The game plan is often depending on Thor being at least average. If he can’t deliver like in game 1 it becomes an uphill battle (especially if you make bad decisions on top of it).

I was shocked to not have played Skurge in any of the three games where is my usual third pick after Thor and Bill but the combinations and matchups didn’t appear to be right. I probably should’ve brought him and Enchantress (or maybe Spider-Woman) over Ultron and Wong in game 1.

As I said in the beginning I will take a break from Asgard for a while and continue my competitive journey with another faction. We will have:

The March of Hydra.

Here’s my starting list that has been tremendous fun so far:

Characters (10)

  • Red Skull, Master of Hydra (5)
    Captain Marvel, Cosmic Avenger (5)
    Spider-Woman (4)
    Agent Venom (4)
    Sabretooth, Apex Predator (4)
    Baron Zemo (3)
    Crossbones, Merciless Merc (3)
    Viper (3)
    Ant-Man (3)
    Spectacular Spider-Man (3)

Team Tactics (10)
Cosmic Obliteration
Brace for Impact (R)
Eyes on the Prize
I Am A Baron, After All
Mission Objective
Pym Particles
Recalibration Matrix
Sacrifice (R)
Sleeper Agent
X-Ceptional Healing

Secure Crisis
Infinity Formula Goes Missing! (B, 17)
Riots Spark Over Extremis 3.0 (D, 17)
Mutant Madman Turns City Into Lethal Amusement Park (B, 18)

Extract Crisis
Struggle For The Cube Continues (F, 17)
Fear Grips World As “Worthy“ Terrorize Cities (D, 18)
Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership (J, 20)

The game plan is kind of similar to Asgard to be fair in being a archetype 2 team that prefers to run around and score points but has the tools to win a fist fight if it has to. I’m undecided to take out Cosmic Carol for Hulk (who is a fantastic Sleeper Agent). I know it is good but I will currently not put Bill in this roster because I just need a break from playing him. Both Apex and Agent Venom have been fantastic in my games with this roster so far as splash 4s.

I’ll let you know how it works and will probably also bring a variation of this roster to the next tournament in Osnabrück. Unless either Sandman or the Asgard box is released by then.

See you soon and cheers from Germany. 🍻

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